7 Vastu Tips for Kitchens – Dos & Don’ts for the Home

7 Vastu Tips for Kitchens - Dos & Don'ts for the Home

The kitchen isn’t merely a part of your home which is designed for daily use in your home. It’s the most significant area in a home since it is the primary source of wealth in the home. Many of the most reliable Vastu specialists around the world contemplate that the power of the kitchen has an impact on the whole house and those living there.

In this article, we will pay attention to some Vastu suggestions for kitchens that will address the most common kitchen layouts:

The location in the kitchen’s location is the most important component of Vastu Shastra for kitchens. Be sure that the position of the kitchen does not lie within the prayer space of your home. Kitchens placed over or below the toilets and bedrooms also do not work with the Vastu configuration of the facility. You can also put some flowers at any corner of the kitchen. You can buy flowers or get flower delivery in Pune for positive vibes.

most common kitchen layouts

The stove, gas burner or other heating device is not recommended to be located near the entrance to the kitchen. Make sure to keep a distance of three to four feet between the heating appliance and the main entrance of the kitchen so that the negative vibes go away from the ambience.

West, east and directions to the north are all safe to point towards the entryway to the kitchen. But the direction of north-east is considered to be a bad choice for kitchens in which you cook meals. Vastu consultants from major cities such as Delhi, Gurgaon, & Noida say that the directional view of your kitchen has an impact on your whole family.

In the same way, the southwest orientation for your kitchen may create tension among family members. A kitchen with a northwest orientation can negatively affect the financial health of your home.

Pay attention to some Vastu suggestions for kitchens

According to the Vastu Shastra advice for kitchens by the most reputable Vastu experts from Delhi NCR, north is the least beneficial place for kitchens. It could even affect the peace and well-being of the household members.

A directional orientation of south and west while cooking meals could cause health issues as well as financial issues. This is why these directions should be avoided when you cook inside the kitchen.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen to match the most recent interior designs do not use black or any other dark color for flooring and walls of your kitchen and don’t forget to buy flowers online in Indore

You could pick the southeast part of the east portion of your kitchen to set the main slab , where you’ll keep your important things. Actually, it is an ideal spot for the stove’s location. It is essential to ensure that the stove is at a minimum of 1-2 feet from the walls.

The kitchen you design can bring numerous advantages if you choose an L-shaped design for your kitchen. In this way, you will be able to repair appliances like the blender, microwave and mixer, as well as other important appliances in the same place.

The sink in your kitchen is perfect in the northwestern corner of your kitchen. Vastu experts who have a scientific background say that it’s symbolic of cleansing. Sink is a symbol of the elimination of unneeded energies. Therefore, it is the best direction.

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Green, orange shades and ombre patterns printed with floral patterns on tiles will look amazing within your kitchen. The greatest thing about it is that it can bring a feeling of positive energy and goodwill to food you prepare within your home kitchen.


These are a few common Vastu suggestions for kitchens that you should think about when you are renovating or rearranging your kitchen to follow the scientific principles of Vastu Shastra. If you require further assistance you may also seek the advice of an experienced Vastu Shastra consultant. Manavv Chawla is among the most astrologers of Delhi NCR providing services like Numerology, Scientific Vastu, Career & Vedic astrology & check movies from desiremovies.

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