Would I face breathing issues after rhinoplasty?

What is Rhinoplasty?

Let’s understand that Nasal surgery or Rhinoplasty is a treatment to reshape, reconstruct or repair your nose. If you do not have any medical condition as a reason to change the appearance of your nose then set this excuse aside. Because the desire to feel aesthetically beautiful is enough. The nose is the center of attraction of the face and also defines the standard of beauty. People with pointed or button noses naturally are considered pretty, but if you do not have it naturally then worry not because nose surgery made it possible for you to get one. When you decide to undergo the procedure, the confusion begins with the question: would I face breathing issues after rhinoplasty? Here you will find the answer to that question.

While achieving the beauty goal, you might feel some difficulty as it is not a minor procedure. People tend to feel breathing issues for quite a few days after the post-surgical period because it alters their bone, nasal cartilage, and tissues for reshaping purposes. The reasons could vary for everybody.

Is it Normal to have Breathing Problems after the procedure?

The answer is YES, it is completely normal to face challenges regarding respiration for some days after surgery because a procedure gets done on the most integral and delicate part of your body therefore it leaves some after-effects. Beauty comes along with pain, so you have to bear some of it before achieving the dream aesthetics. Generally, it is completely normal to have temporary breathing problems but if you are feeling it for long time then do look for its causes:

Causes for the Temporary Difficulties:

During the procedure, various techniques are used for the reconstruction of your nose so it is completely true that you will feel breathing issues in the initial days after getting the procedure done. But later on, the respiratory tract will start functioning normally with a more attractive nose. Some most commonly experienced reasons are:

Swelling and congestion of the nose due to the procedure.

Nasal packing serves as an obstruction for a few days.

Formation of Blood clots or mucus.

Causes for the Long Lasting Difficulties:

Facing long term respiratory problems is very rare and can not happen without some severe complications of mistakes. There’s a minimum to zero chance to feel such hurdles. Still, if you are worried then just have the detailed information about all the possibilities before getting the procedure done. The most common causes are:

While doing the correction, it might be done more than the requirement or less than the requirement.

Excessive nasal tissues get removed.

The abnormalities are not treated properly.

Scarring or contracture of tissues during the healing process.

How can the Problem be Solved?

First, just get yourself clear on the fact that temporary concerns are totally normal and you have to experience them whatsoever. Follow these steps to make your journey easier and get rid of problems:

Cleanse the nose and use a nasal spray as your surgeon suggested.

Keep your head elevated while sleeping and doing other activities.

Use a humidifier to prevent nasal dryness.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Take your medications regularly.

Long lasting challenges are not witnessed right after the procedure. Because initially, you can not distinguish between temporary and long ones. These issues require the following care:

Consult your surgeon immediately.

Revision rhinoplasty might be required depending on the complication.

Septoplasty is done separately to remove any obstructions

Reconstruction of the nasal valve is done to smoothen the air passage.

Final Considerations:

Life relies upon breathing in and out that’s why it should be working smoothly. Meanwhile, looking attractive overall also has a similar importance. If you feel like attaining it and decide to get nasal surgery and do not get scared of breathing hurdles. If you got the treatment done then and are facing any issues then Dynamic Clinic Islamabad is the best place to correct your mistakes. They offer the best Rhinoplasty in Islamabad done by experts and deliberately take care of post-surgical complications.

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