6 prominent SEO challenges and solutions that most eCommerce industries must know!

SEO is a vital aspect of boosting business and revenue for any company. However, amidst such benefits, one must overcome the challenges along the journey to success. 

So curated from the best ecommerce solution provider, this article focuses on specific challenges faced in the SEO realm and how to overcome them.

6 Primary SEO Challenges eCommerce Retailers Overlook

Every company needs to get the word out about its business, reaching an audience that matters. And everyone wants to get the position one ranking in Google. However, not all attain it unless they diligently understand that ecommerce SEO changes every time Google tweaks its algorithm.

So here are some challenges and the antidote to overcome them;

  • Going beyond the keyword density

Introducing the right keywords is a well-known phenomenon that brings in more organic traffic. And every link has its heading and meta descriptions strangled with keywords. But you as a reader or customer will not make sense when you find keywords like ‘concerts, spring concerts, live concerts, concerts in the park’ hurled at you associated with the meta description.  

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So to overcome this you need to ensure that the message intrigues people to click on your website. Make it more organic and natural by removing raw keyword implementation. Finally, stress a few key elements and characteristics to approach effectively and improve website ranking over time. 

  • Infusing duplicate content into the webpage

It is the greatest challenge for businesses to scale up their search engines. And most of them get penalized because of the presence of duplicate content they infuse to describe their products. For instance, using the manufacturer’s description of products and improper URL generation for each product is treated as the same content, affecting SEO rankings.

Hence, it’s best to consult an ecommerce solution provider to help you avoid indexing pages, creating unique content, and implementing using canonical tags, excluding pages associated with comments, reviews, and shopping carts.

  • Failing to implement local SEO practices

Google research found that four out of five consumers search locally on mobile search engines. It shows the importance of SEO in marketing, yet many businesses undermine it. 

Though it’s challenging to implement a local ranking with the fundamental factors, you’re already ahead of your competitors. 

And here are the 3 significant factors that affect local SEO you must know;

  1. Relevance 
  2. Distance 
  3. Prominence

So it’s essential to fill as many details into Google’s My Business for accurate information.

  • Lack of a knowledgeable SEO team

It is a significant mistake because a few companies need help with SEO challenges. Unless you scrutinize the list of eCommerce SEO companies with sizable expertise in the field of SEO, you will have a costly and time-consuming problem fixing the site’s rankings. Instead, you can consider choosing reputed SEO companies with decades of expertise.  

However, to your knowledge, these are some drawbacks on your website if you approach a poor SEO company;

  1. Bad user experience due to inadequate site design
  2. Not mobile- friendly
  3. Poor product descriptions
  4. Poor, unorganized, and cluttered backlinks
  5. Less to no marketing through outreach and brand development
  6. Lack of website optimization for speed
  • Unoptimized pages for conversion degradation

Many users utilize broad keywords for online searches to find the best products they want. So directing traffic to product listing pages instead of individual pages is of prime importance. However, not leading them to individual pages is unimportant, either. And many websites need to optimize their product pages properly.  

That’s why having the specific product keywords targeted for the product increases conversions. And quality content with proper image ALT tags increases the number of visitors to a particular product or item.

  • Not expanding the brand presence across channels

In today’s world, every channel has a separate search engine for itself. And it’s a great mistake to rely on a single channel to approach target customers.  

That’s why you need to progress your business from search engine optimization to online presence optimization for a better and more stable result. To succeed, focus on social profiles, citations, directories, etc.


SEO is a rewarding industry with unpredictable obstacles when you outgrow the consultancy role to a more major agency with hundreds of clients. Hence having a handy ecommerce solution provider helps your business a long way on the road to success.

Author Bio: – Rudra Kumar is an Assistant General Manager of search operations at Techmagnate with more than 10+ years of experience in search engine optimisation. He has helped many businesses in growing revenue via search engines of his strengths.

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