What Causes Absence Seizures In Babies?

Seizures In Babies

About one in every 150 babies will have a seizure. Seizures are a normal part of development; most babies will have a few during their first year. However, some babies, or those at risk of  seizures, will have more.  Absence seizures treatment and symptoms typically depend upon the age. 

Many things can increase the risk of a seizure, including genetics, Head Size, Prematurity, Infection, and Drug Sensitivity. Factors outside the baby’s control cause about 85% of all seizures. 

About 50% of all seizures are caused by internal  factors, such as Seizures triggered by head trauma, seizures triggered by infections, and seizures triggered by food.

What Are Some Major Causes Of Absence Seizures In Babies?

Absence seizures might be a form of seizure that most often affects babies between the age of one and three months.  They are caused by a burst of energy in the brain that causes an individual  to have a seizure. Many things can cause a baby to have an absence seizure, and  the root cause may not always be clear. Some common factors  that can cause an absence seizure in a baby include fever, feeding problems, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), and being over-tired.

Symptoms of Absence Seizures in Babies

Absence seizures are a relatively rare condition that most often affects babies between the ages of one and four. Symptoms of absence seizures can vary from child to child but typically involve a sudden loss of consciousness or muscle control.

If you’re  concerned about your baby experiencing an absence seizure, the best way to find out is to consult your pediatrician and  seek medical attention immediately. The attacks can be very frightening for the baby as well as the parents and can lead to long-term damage if not treated early.

Treatment for absence seizures in babies

No one cause of absence seizures exists, but various brain abnormalities, brain injuries, and certain medications can cause them.  There are many ways to treat absence seizures in babies, and the best approach depends on the specific situation. 

Some common absence seizures treatments include medication, special diets, and therapy. Medication can be given in the form of pills  or as a liquid suspension. Special diets can help to reduce the number of absence seizures and keep the baby’s brain healthy. a

Therapy may involve special exercises or treatments that help to improve the functioning of the brain. If the cause of the absence seizures is not found or treated, the child may continue to have absence seizures throughout their life. However, with the help of the treatment, many children can lead everyday, healthy lives.

Prevention of Absence Seizures in Babies

Most babies experience absence seizures by the time they are one year old. These  seizures usually occur during sleep and are  characterized by a sudden loss of consciousness.

There are many causes of absence seizures. However, simple precautions can prevent most. Here are a few tips to keep your baby safe from this dangerous condition.

  • Make sure the baby is having enough sleep. Babies need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep a day. This means you should avoid putting your baby to bed later than usual and try to keep the baby asleep for at least 8 hours a night.
  • Avoid exposing your baby to bright light at night. Exposure to bright light at night can interrupt your baby’s sleep and trigger absence seizures.
  • Keep your baby safe from falls. Babies are at an increased risk of falling and suffering from injuries if they are not supervised constantly.
  • Keep your baby safe from hazardous chemicals. Babies are susceptible to the effects of dangerous chemicals and should never be exposed to them without first checking with their doctor.


We hope you gained useful information through our blog post about what causes absence seizures in babies. Absence seizures are one of the best known types of seizures in babies, and they can be very frightening for the parents. In this post, we outlined the causes of absence seizures and offered some tips on preventing them. 

We hope this post has informed you about your baby’s condition  better and provided you with helpful information on dealing with them. If you need absence seizures treatment, get in touch with Nanavati Max Hospital. They  offer the best possible services with the help of  advanced infrastructure and qualified doctors.

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