The 7 Reasons Why You Should Take Canada’s Business Immigration Visas Seriously!

business pr canada

Is your present quality of life unsuitable for achieving something better in the future? Then applying for a business PR in Canada is your best choice. 

Continue reading to know everything about business visas so you won’t miss the opportunity to outshine the best in life immigrating to Canada, ranked 3rd in terms of its globally reputed startup ecosystem!

What is a Canadian business immigration visa?

Business PR Canada is a globally sought-after immigration program by business people and acts as a starting point for an individual to begin a business in Canada. 

This visa aims to accommodate innovative business minds, investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with business or managerial experience to contribute to the Canadian economic upliftment and create employment.

Benefits Canada offers for its business residents/ citizens 

Canada is amongst the highly sought-after countries fit for immigration by people worldwide due to the various benefits. We’ve listed a few standouts as a gateway for you to explore when you talk to your Canada work permit agent. Here we go!

  1. Embrace multiculturalism- You get good exposure to various global cultures. Alongside there is NO racism or discrimination, and all get treated equally. 
  2. Security and safety are high priority- Canada has its name of being the safest country with lower crime rates and political stability. In addition, it provides a lifestyle with zero crime and abuse policy and social wellbeing.
  3. Free visas for a global tour- If you possess a Canadian passport, you are eligible for a no-cost visa to travel worldwide. This exciting offer made many business people opt for Canadian immigration to gain international connections. 
  4. World-class ease to begin a full-fledged business- The single-step procedure takes a delay of 5 days for approval before starting a business. A business PR in Canada will open doors to new opportunities for your business. 
  5. Lower business costs- Estimates have proved this benefit by comparing Canada with America. Canada offers a 5% lower price, making your business highly competitive with the American market. 
  6. Talented and skilled workforce- Canada has a reputed education system where the individuals are technically competent and have high computer literacy rates. Also, Canada has continued to progress more on this aspect to make people contribute to the economy’s growth.
  7. Surprising government grants- Mentorship, entrepreneurial support, and financial assistance are some benefits Canada gives new businesses, along with a favorable tax credit (in the G- 7 UPTO 46%) that other developed countries will not offer.

Immigration visas offered by Canada for business individuals

Aren’t the benefits exciting? Now, here are some programs and visas provided for immigrants, and you can choose what’s best for you!

  • Self-employed Program- For those wanting to begin independent careers by being aesthetical, cultural, or artistically to the Canadian employment market. 
  • Start-up Visa- For innovative business minds willing to contribute to the Canadian economy and create jobs in Canada. 
  • PNP Entrepreneur Visa Streams- This is for those wanting to take advantage of the growing economic power and wanting a permanent residence in Canada. Here entrepreneurs are given streams or programs to improve their opportunities.
  • Business Visitor Visa- For temporary staying business individuals in Canada who want to engage in international markets to grow, invest and create business connections without impacting the Canadian job market.
  • Business investor program- It is for foreign nationals to seek investments in the Canadian economy with qualified net worth/ capital. Also, this visa helps gain active connections and help develop a good foundation for their business.

Policies to benefit Canadian business and investment

  • Investment Canada Act (ICA)- Implemented to contribute to Canada’s economic growth and employment opportunities. The foreign investor must report the investment to the government without a review. 
  • Competition Act- Implemented by the federal statute to promote competition and efficiency in the Canadian economy. It contains criminal offenses for anti-competitive behavior and non-criminal provisions.
  • Personal Information Protection and Economic Document Act (PIPEDA)- Requires individual consent to use or disclose the individual’s personal information, and each business is responsible for safeguarding their personal information. 
  • Employment Standards- Differs according to each province in terms of minimum wage, holiday pay, overtime pay, leaves of absence (including emergency leave), termination, and severance.

Basic requirements to hold a business visa

  1. Valid passport
  2. Fund necessary to stay and return home
  3. Plan to leave Canada at the end of your visit or apply for an extension. 

Note: you must not be a hindrance to Canadians in terms of health and security or a criminal or hold any risk.

Eligibility for business PR Canada

  1. Language requirements in French and English
  2. Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada
  3. Pass Canadian health and security checks
  4. Designated organization associations
  5. Provide evidence that the business qualifies the necessary ownership requirements


The Canadian government has made several provisions for startups and small businesses. Getting a business PR in Canada is easy if you know which province you want. Now it’s your turn to reach out to a certified Canada work permit agent to discover more to kickstart a successful future!

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