Sales Coaching – How to Get More Out of Your Sales Career

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Sales coaching is an ongoing process that helps reps meet their personal goals as well as company targets. It’s a way for managers to encourage sales representatives to self-improve, ask questions and get more out of their sales career.

Unlike one-off training events, sales coaching has a lasting impact on team performance. That’s why you should regularly review your coaching methods.


Motivation is a key component of the remote closing academy, and it’s important for both you and your team. However, it’s crucial to understand that the best way to motivate your team is to identify what motivates each individual and put together a strategy that’s right for them.

Your employees might be motivated by a high-five or handshake, while others are more focused on money or an increase in responsibility (like leading the next training session). Understanding their motivations can help you tailor your approach to ensure that you’re providing the tools that they need to be successful.

Motivation is an ongoing process, so it’s important to regularly evaluate your strategies to make sure that they’re still effective. Keeping your motivators relevant and up to date will help you keep your team motivated so that they can continue to reach their goals and grow in the sales world.


One of the most important traits sales leaders must have is self-awareness. Without this skill, they will be blind to the patterns and cycles that are holding them back from becoming the best they can be.

Self-awareness can be developed through a number of methods, including coaching and self-reflection. It can also be fostered through a variety of different practices such as meditation or reading.

Developing self-awareness is an excellent way to build confidence in many areas of your life. It can help you overcome your fears and anxieties so that you can move forward with confidence in all of your activities.

Developing self-awareness can also be an effective tool for building better relationships with others. It can help you practice patience and kindness, both of which are critical skills for successful leadership.


Self-confidence is a key element in sales coaching. It helps you build and maintain trust and credibility in your sales presentations. It also enables you to communicate confidently with prospects and clients and handle criticism effectively.

While confidence is a feeling, it can also be cultivated through practice and reflection. Developing a high level of self-confidence can help you feel more comfortable performing in different professional settings such as meetings, networking, and interviewing.

To build sales confidence, Robbins recommends practicing nonverbal communication techniques such as maintaining eye contact and standing up straight. He also advises curbing nervous habits like fidgeting and adopting a power pose such as throwing your shoulders back.

The best way to build self-confidence is by reaching out to friends and family for words of affirmation and encouragement. It can also be helpful to work with a coach or mentor who can provide you with constructive feedback on your sales skills and appearance.


Accountability is a crucial part of building sales coaching relationships. It allows sales reps to own their job and take control of the process, while also prompting them to meet sales goals and perform at a high level.

When you set up accountability strategies with your sales team, it’s important to define what it means for them. This can help them understand your expectations and make the implementation easier.

It’s also vital to create clear expectations for all members of your sales team, including your managers. This helps them feel aligned on the core goals and makes it easier for everyone to stay motivated.

It’s important to remember that all members of your sales team are individuals with different work styles and motivations. To encourage accountability, you need to create strategies that fit the needs of your team and match their unique selling styles.


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