NextGen Virtual Visits Software

NextGen Virtual Visits Software

NextGen Virtual Visits Software allows medical centers to connect with patients remotely for consultations. It also helps improve chronic care management. By integrating with third-party electronic health records systems to synchronize documentation created in the session.

It enables healthcare staff to verify insurance eligibility, streamline patient intake processes, and schedule appointments. Organizers can also share screens or documents, invite other users and communicate via chat.

OTTO Health

OTTO Health, a leader in virtual visits and telehealth software, was acquired by NextGen Healthcare in December 2019. The combination of NextGen EHR and OTTO Health’s telehealth program has the potential to change the way patients and physicians interact.

The company has developed a robust telehealth solution that is designed to increase patient engagement. Decrease overhead and drive practice revenue in existing provider networks. It features 2-way secure HD video, HIPAA-compliant connections, and a clean and simple user experience.

Patients can use their smartphone or computer to access OTTO Health at any time. They can schedule a video visit. or even talk to one of their doctor’s available colleagues in real-time, after hours if necessary. Moreover, OTTO Health is available in English and Spanish languages to better serve all patients regardless of their preferred language or dialect.

Another key benefit of OTTO Health is that it eliminates. Clicks and helps streamline the appointment process for patients and providers. The platform helps patients self-check in before their appointment and automatically creates the encounter in the EHR. This reduces the front desk workload and increases patient satisfaction.

For practices that have already implemented a telehealth program, it’s easy to integrate the OTTO Health service into their current workflow. The integration is done virtually and typically takes a few weeks to complete. Implementation costs are per-user license, typically $79/user/month for clinicians and $25/user/month for support users (Mas, LPNs, etc). The fee is discounted for COVID-19 implementations.

OTTO Health’s telehealth software enables providers to see more patients and increase reimbursement rates while helping to reduce patient wait times. The software supports a range of visit types, including follow-ups, test result reviews, medication reviews, and patient education. It can also help reduce the practice’s overhead by reducing cancellations and no-shows. It is especially useful for patients who are in rural areas or have disabilities that prevent them from traveling to a medical facility. Moreover, OTTO Health is HIPAA-compliant and offers a robust patient portal that allows users to stay connected with their doctors, family members, and friends.

NextGen EHR

NextGen EHR is a cloud-based EHR that provides a comprehensive set of clinical and administrative functions for healthcare practices. It is designed to help you improve patient satisfaction, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency.

NextGen has a wide range of functionalities, including an integrated electronic medical record (EMR), practice management, and revenue cycle software. It also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It offers several scalable options to meet the needs of hospitals, small businesses, and individual practices.

Its mobile app features a built-in patient portal and appointment reminders, as well as the ability to accept online payments. It also has a MACRA/MIPS reporting dashboard and claims clearinghouse.

The software’s graphical interface is easy to use, and it provides access to patient records from any device with an internet connection. It also comes with a wealth of training resources and customer support. Allowing you to customize the system to fit your specific workflows.

Another great feature of NextGen is its streamlined and efficient medical billing system. This solution is designed to reduce operational inefficiencies and ensure increased revenue collections at the lowest cost possible. It has perfect-starred reviews from users, and it offers tools to automate and streamline the process of posting charges and submitting claims.

Moreover, this solution can track providers’ coding habits and keep tabs on their appointment workflows. It also helps you monitor financial performance and identify inefficiencies so you can correct them before they become big problems.

In addition, this EHR software has an easy-to-use interface that lets you customize the way patients’ information is displayed in the EHR. It also allows you to create and share customized forms, which can save you a lot of time and energy like Nextech EMR.

For example, you can configure NextGen to display a patient’s insurance information in a single, convenient screen instead of multiple screens, which makes it easier for you to find a payer and see how much they owe on a particular claim. You can even restrict the sharing of patient information, ensuring that only you have access to it.

NextGen EPM

NextGen EPM is a patient management software system that integrates with NextGen EHR and allows you to schedule appointments, document office visits, and bill for your services all in one place. It also supports quality reporting for programs like Medicare Quality Payment Program and Accountable Care Organizations.

It offers a progressive workflow and a set of templates that help you document encounters, procedures, and orders. You can easily access information about a patient’s health history, allergies, and current medications. You can also order and manage diagnostic tests, and immunizations, and monitor preventive milestones from one convenient place.

The NextGen EPM system also enables you to share data seamlessly and instantly across your practice. This helps you make electronic referral requests, ensure charts are complete and accurate and ensure patient-centered care.

Whether you are an independent doctor or part of a large healthcare system. You can implement a NextGen EPM solution that meets the needs of your organization. TempDev’s team of NextGen consultants, and developers. And project managers can work with you to customize the system to meet your specific needs.

They can also create dashboards and reports that allow you to see real-time data about your practice, providers, and patients. This data can help you make important business decisions, improve quality scores, and streamline your billing processes.

For example, you can monitor wait times and appointment cancellations by day and site, and see patterns of coding. With this information, you can make informed decisions to keep your practice profitable and healthy.

In addition, a NextGen EPM software solution can help you manage your revenue cycle. It can provide a background business processor (BBP) to automate common tasks, such as claims generation and running reports.

A NextGen EPM system can be a great way to keep your practice running smoothly. And it can be especially beneficial for small and medium-sized medical practices that do not have the staff or expertise to analyze their data. TempDev has developed dashboards and reports that are designed to do all of this, letting you get the most out of your EHR without having to hire a full-time data analyst.

Validic Impact

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) has launched a new virtual care solution. That enables patients to open up video visits from within their EHR. It also triggers care management prompts that ensure clinicians adhere to standards of care and are meeting coding and billing requirements.

The Validic Impact platform turns raw data into actionable alerts that drive better patient outcomes. Reduce process inefficiencies and help clinicians spend more time providing direct care. It is customizable at the health system, population, and patient level to enable the most personalized care possible. With HITRUST CSF Certified status, Validic Inform and Validic Impact meet a comprehensive set of regulatory and industry-defined security safeguards.

As more health systems embrace virtual care and digital technology in their strategies. a growing number of healthcare organizations are partnering with companies like Vidyo and Validic to deliver seamless and scalable virtual care. The partnership provides a powerful virtual care solution that integrates with their EHR platforms and connects to consumers’ personal health devices, such as fitness equipment, wearables, or apps.

MUSC’s telehealth offering is one of the first of its kind to connect directly with an Epic EHR platform. To provide a smooth, secure, and productive experience for clinicians and patients alike. McElligott says the platform has helped the health system improve workflow. Eliminate redundancies and allow clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

In fact, a recent study of a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program using the Validic Impact platform. Found that the average hypertension patient saw their a1C levels decrease from stage 2 to normal ranges in just 45 days. That data with their care team in near real-time, triggering timely alerts and notifications that help clinicians understand the patient’s health status and treatment adherence and make adjustments as needed.

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