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kuari pass trek


In the southern direction of the boundary between India and Tibet, in the Garhwal region, is the high mountain pass known as Kuari Pass. You can see many magnificent natural vistas thanks to this area’s beauty.


The word “Kuari” means “doorway,” and this pass is well-known for touring, as many thrill-seekers occasionally claim.


This trek begins at Joshimath, where you will see a large number of pedestrians, adventure seekers, and pilgrims who are just like you. There is every reason to take this trip because it is a terrific opportunity to enjoy the horizonless sky and the powerful Himalayan mountains.


And if you’re lucky, you might even spot the traces of endangered Himalayan Bears or leopards. Therefore, if you’re all eager to go, we won’t hold it against you. However, in that case, March, April, and May are the swankiest months to visit Kuari Pass.


The Kuari Pass’s past

The Kuari Pass trek is well-known for its route, which has a rich history. Many British officials, including Lord Curzon, Eric Shipton, and Bill Tilman, are thought to be responsible for the popularity of this route. According to the legend, these individuals made use of this specific tunnel during their travels in 1905, which is how it initially gained notoriety. Thus, occasionally, and currently, many people refer to it as the Curzon


Kuari Pass’s principal lodestones

  1. Aged wood. You’ll be able to see evidence of the lush splendour of old timbers as you travel to Kuari Pass. These oaks and rhododendrons are said to be rather old. You can obtain a wider perspective of nature’s wonderful sights by strolling among the trees.


  1. campgrounds. You are introduced to a different setting of fun and excitement at these campgrounds along the Kuari Pass adventure. Although it is true that trekking is not a piece of cake, the joy you have while on an adventure is what matters most and strengthens your connection to your family. There are essentially two campgrounds: Chitrakantha Campground and Khullara Campground.


  1. Mountain views. You have access to the most imposing views of Himalayan peaks including Mount Nanda Devi and Dronagiri beginning on the first day. Moving onward also allows you to see more and more mountains, and the vast sky welcomes you with its breathtaking sights.


How to Go to Kuari Pass

To get there, you must first go to Rishikesh, which is a well-known spiritual destination in and of itself. Although many travel to Rishikesh primarily to discover inner calm, they also occasionally go in search of adventure and fast-paced adrenaline. Around 241,641,494,356 kilometres separate Rishikesh from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.


The general route from Rishikesh to Kuari Pass through Khullara/Tali Top is as follows: Rishikesh- Joshimath- Chitrakhana- Tali Top.


See the information below for further information on how to get there via public transportation.


By Air. 

You must disembark at Dehradun Airport, also known as Joyful Entitlement Field (DED), which is located 20–30 miles away from Rishikesh, in order to go there. If you intend to travel there by air, it is fashionable to take connecting flights out of Chandigarh or Delhi. Rishikesh enjoys good aeroplane connectivity from these two locations, with major airlines flying up and down. As you disembark at the field, think about booking a hack or using a local transportation option to get to Rishikesh, then proceed as described above.


Air India and IndiGo depart from Chandigarh Airport, respectively. You’ll receive between INR 2,000 and INR 3,000.


Air India and IndiGo depart from the airport in Delhi. You will spend between INR 2,000 and INR 3,000 on your flight to Dehradun. Depart from Haridwar Station, which is roughly 20 to 25 kilometres away, if you’re planning to travel by train. Varanasi, Lucknow, and other Indian cities and metropolises are well connected by train to Haridwar. Consider booking a hack or another available mode of transportation, such as a machine, when you disembark to continue your journey to Joshimath.


the road. Want to start your journey on the road? also get to Rishikesh first, which is well connected by road from other areas. But, you need to have some prior mountain driving or travelling knowledge in order to travel then by road. piecemeal As an alternative to driving there, you can also use a hack or ride in interstate or private vehicles to get there cheaply. It is one of the best treks you may ever take with your family and friends or any acquaintance. 

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