How to Draw French Fries

Draw French Fries

How to Draw French Fries. Fast food has become an essential part of the food market around the world. You can rave about professional chefs, but we cannot deny fast food’s convenience.

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There are wide varieties of fast food that you can find, but even with this variety, there are different types of foods that have become staple foods, and fries are one of them.

These delicious fried potato sticks come in many shapes, sizes, and flavors, and learning to draw french fries is a great way to taste and eat them.

How to Draw French Fries

Step 1

When you order this from a fast food outlet, you often get your French fries in a box with a large opening at the top.

This is what we will start in this first step of our guide on how to draw french fries.

These boxes are of a similar shape and structure regardless of the chain of restaurants you visit, and this design is usually tall and relatively flat.

First, he draws some slightly diagonal lines for the sides of the box and then connects them with a line inwards for the base of the box.

After drawing, let’s go to the next step of the guide to add even more to the box.

Step 2

In this second part of this fries design, you will finish the box outline and add some details.

Draw a curved line through the box near the top to create the opening of the box. There will still be an open edge at the top, but that’s where we’ll draw the chips later.

Before the run, add two vertical lines directly into the box with the third passage of the guide. Then we will be ready to move on!

Step 3

Having a box for chips is fine, but it’s even better when it has something in it!

For this reason, we will add the first fries in this passage of our guide on how to draw french fries. Each stitch is laid out as a long rectangular shape.

So there is a square above each one, with a line descending from the inside corner along the ends.

The reference image will show you what we mean if this needs clarification! Then complete this step by adding a simple cross effect on the lower right part of the box.

After adding these 6 chips and details to the box, we can proceed to the fourth step.

Step 4

So far, you have designed six french fries for this french fries design, and in this next step, we will add six others. These chips will primarily go to the left and center of the box.

Some will also go behind others, adding a little depth to the image.

Otherwise, they seem the same as the previous ones. Once we have been designed, the next step of the guide allows us to add the details and final elements.

Step 5

Now you are ready to complete the details and the final elements of this image to prepare to color in the next step of our guide on how to draw french fries.

We will fill the newest empty spaces with other French fries to do this. These will look like the other ones you designed and fill the left side of the box.

Once these have been designed, you can add details and ideas.

One idea would be to draw a background; if you do that, you can show what other food or drink you want these french fries to taste like.

Step 6

In this final step of your home fries design, finish off with a bit of color! For the chips themselves, we used some shades of yellow to color them.

For the box, we used Reds to create an excellent combination of bright colors. These are some colors you could use, but feel free to use others that you enjoy creating your perfect drawing chips!

If you have red or yellow acrylic paint, you can use some bold applications of these supports, so there appears to be ketchup or mustard on these chips.

Your French Fries Drawing is Finished!

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