Games Like Retro Bowl, Top 10 Best Games Like Retro Bowl


Games like Retro Bowl are among the best mobile sports games. Retro Bowl is one of the best games on the market if you are both a sports enthusiast and a fan of video games. This article will introduce you to other games similar to Retro Bowl.

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a game of American football that allows you to test your quarterbacking skills. You are able to create and manage your team to ensure victory. As the owner of an NFL franchise, you can expand your roster, deal with the media, and ensure the satisfaction of your teams and fans. Retro bowling will provide you with hours of entertainment. The gameplay consists of controlling only the offensive plays of the team. You can modify your quarterback and passes by dragging your finger away from the quarterback. As the ball carrier, you are unable to use juking or spin moves to evade oncoming defenders. Despite its apparent simplicity, the game can keep you captivated for hours. Scroll down to view a list of comparable games.

Top 10 Best Games Like Retro Bowl


S.No Games
1 MLB Home Run Derby
2 Madden NFL Mobile Football
3 Ted Ginn Kick Return Football
4 NBA Jam
5 Bouncy Hoops
6 FIFA Mobile
7 Hockey All-Stars
8 Golden Tee
9 ESPN Fantasy Sports
10 Prizefighters

Games Like Retro Bowl

1. MLB Home Run Derby

For a more casual and streamlined baseball experience, MLB now provides the Home Run Derby app. As the name suggests, the game is entirely focused on home run competitions. That is not all, however. You can compete against other players online to earn rewards that can be used to improve your rosters, acquire Hall of Famers, and unlock exclusive uniforms.

2. Madden NFL Mobile Football

Regarding football video games, the Madden series comes to mind. Madden remains the best choice for NFL fans who wish to simulate games. With the exception of Franchise Mode, the mobile edition shares many features with the console version. You can play online with friends, enemies, or the computer. In Solo mode, you can play the entire 2019 season of your chosen team, or a schedule generated at random. You can also construct your own Ultimate Edition team by acquiring player cards through events or in-app purchases.

3. Ted Ginn Kick Return Football

Ted Ginn Kick Return Football is a more relaxed version of football that emphasizes the eponymous aspect. However, when a kick returner returns the ball for a touchdown, it can be one of the most exciting moments of the game. The fundamentals of the game are straightforward: follow your kickoff returner’s route to retrieve the ball, then weave through traffic to the end zone.

4. NBA Jam

NBA Jam, like Tecmo Bowl, holds a special place in my heart for retro video games. The mobile recreation of the arcade classic retains many of the original’s characteristics, including fast-paced two-on-two play, acrobatic dunks, and the announcer shouting “Boomshakalaka.” It also has modern features such as enhanced graphics, a touchscreen user interface, and modern players.

5. Bouncy Hoops

If the developers of Crossy Road or Flappy Bird decided to create a basketball game, Bouncy Hoops could be the result. Similar to the previous mobile games, Bouncy Hoops features retro-style graphics and a straightforward control scheme: repeatedly tapping the screen propels the ball towards the hoop.

6. FIFA Mobile

Similar to Madden and NBA 2K, FIFA is the most popular console and mobile sports game. And, in my experience, FIFA is not particularly difficult to play; all that is required is to pass, shoot, and defend. As is the case with the majority of contemporary sports video games, FIFA requires players to assemble a team by collecting player cards and upgrading them as the season progresses.

7. Hockey All-Stars

Hockey All-Stars enables you to pass, shoot, poke, and block your way around the ice in six-on-six action on your mobile device. Hockey All-Stars also emphasizes franchise development, as you will acquire players via loot boxes, train them as you progress, and upgrade your rink.

8. Golden Tee

Golden Tee, another throwback to the arcade era, won’t make up for the postponement of the Masters, but it’s a decent approximation of the game you’d find in a sports bar. You can compete against other players online, enter contests to earn in-game currency, or play nine-hole rounds on a variety of fictitious courses. While the game contains some in-app purchases, you can simply upgrade your equipment by playing.

9. ESPN Fantasy Sports

ESPN has one of the most popular fantasy sports applications because it is one of the most well-known media brands in sports. While the MLB season and NFL offseason programmes are now on hold, you can still participate in as many mock draughts as you like for the time being.

10. Prizefighters

This classic fighting game’s retro aesthetic can transport you back to your childhood. The game employs a simplified system of taps, long presses, and swipes on screen regions for jabs, right crosses, body shots, power punches, blocks, and dodging. You may level up your fighter as you ascend the ranks in this virtual boxing world beginning at position #30. In a modern twist on the NES original, you can share GIFs of your victories with friends.

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