Essential Oil Boxes

Organic oils

Organic oils are oils obtained from natural sources such as plants. Their source makes them even more valuable and worthy. They have to be extracted, manufactured, and shipped in the best possible ways so that they remain fresh and good as new.

Essential oils

Essential oils are also a type of organic oil but they are special because they were obtained from the leaves of aromatic plants. Aromatic plants are the ones which are naturally having their own fragrance. This fragrance is very special as they determine the purpose the oil is going to serve.

Essential oil boxes

Essential oil boxes are boxes made for essential oils specifically and they are of a certain default way. While, if you want to make everything according to yourself then you have to go for the custom essential oil boxes. These boxes are more variable, unique, personalized, and beautiful than the others.

Ways of manufacturing customized boxes

  1. Lamination and color

Lamination and color are the features that go side by side. The color palette set for the product’s décor should match the niche and the brand overall. When the color is finalized, it should be like half of the work is done. Then comes the lamination. Lamination is the first coating layer on the custom essential oil boxes. They make the background and texture of the box.

  1. Text and graphics

Text is more primary as compared to the graphics. These are the ways of communicating with the audience of the brand. With the help of these features, information about the brand’s important specificities is passed on to the audience. For example, the niche of the product, the background of the brand, the ingredients used in it, the precautions or the side effects, etc. Graphics are the doodled or drawn form of the text information.

  1. Foiling and embossing

Foiling and embossing or debossing is a great way of enhancing certain features of customized essential oil boxes. The text on the box especially can be embossed or debossed in any way you want but these features actually make up a lot better to look and make them a lot more readable too. The readability of the text can further be increased by the surplus application of the foiling of the texts. Foiling can be either gold or silver and so according to the basic theme of your box, you can simply foil the text and make them prettier and more professional.

  1. Environment friendly

Environment-friendly boxes are the ones that are easily biodegradable, made of good stuff, and are not harmful to the environment. They are made easily and degraded easily too.

  1. Size and shape

The size of the box and the shape of the box are the two factors that need to be set and planned way before actually applying the factors or making your custom essential oil boxes. The size of the box has to fit according to the size of the product and should be comfortable for the product you are about to put in them. While, on the other hand, you can choose the shape of your box in any way. The shape can be of any type. You can opt for a rectangle, square, circle, or polygon. The only thing that really matters, in the end, is how is your product going to perceive the change and whether will it be able to adjust in such kind of customized essential oil boxes. If yes, you are good to go.

  1. Printing and fineness

Printing and fineness are very necessary to keep an eye on. This is because the quality of the print will be pretty much involved while determining the final results of the design on the cardboard or any other material of the boxes. To avoid any problems and improve efficiency you should simply print a sample for the satisfaction of the client before printing the whole batch.


Manufacturing custom printed boxes might sound easy and breezy but in fact, they are made in pretty challenging ways. You have to make sure that your packaging is unique and outstanding. It should not only outlook the products of others but also should out shadow them.

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