Angrakha Kurtas: Everything You Need To Know

Angrakha Kurtas: Everything You Need To Know

One unique quality of fashion is that, once it disappears, you start to miss it. Perhaps, as a result, it always returns with new, exciting patterns and styles. The adaptable angrakha kurta design is one such look that has endured the test of time. The long kurta style was traditionally worn by ladies with long lehenga skirts, churidar pants, and a dupatta wrapped around their heads.

This fashion of clothing first appeared during the Mughal era. It is also asserted that it traveled through Rajasthan, though. Before purchasing any angrakha suit online, let’s discuss this multipurpose cultural attire in depth.

Everything you need to know about:


The natives of Rajasthan required light, comfortable garments that would shield them from the sun. The angrakha kurtas were created in this manner. The angrakha kurta is a piece of ethnic clothing that people can wear with additional accessories like a churidar or lehenga skirt and a dupatta on their heads.

Two distinct types of angrakhas arose due to changing fashion trends, taking into account their intended usage. One was suitable for casual wear and knee length, while the other was suitable for special events and had a frock-style waist that flared outward like the floral anarkali kurta you can buy in the market.

The origin of inspiration

Angrakhas often draw their inspiration from the environment they came from. Since these angrakha kurtas originate from Rajasthan and Gujarat, they have distinctive print designs. While the ones for everyday wear would have abstract prints, and the ones on special occasions would have to have patti embroidery works.

Women’s wardrobes often contain the well-known Indian ethnic garment, the angrakha kurta. The most prominent style in this modern design is asymmetric cutting. Angrakha styles are currently used in Indian designs in combination with various bottoms to create distinctive festive outfits for women.

Kurta designs for everyday wear

For the most part, angrakha kurta designs come in various forms. So let’s discuss the patterns of these kurtas in more detail.

Silhouette in A-line

A-line kurtas are among your favorite types of clothing, particularly for informal parties, long-overdue lunches, romantic dinners, and business gatherings. Although it falls within the casual clothing category, it is not considered one. It’s an incredibly stylish outfit that sets trends when worn with leggings, jeans, or jeans.

Silhouette: slim and flared

Any woman would appear stunning if she wore an angarkha style kurta due to its attractive cut. You may also wear it for formal or informal parties. Wear it with leggings, a smartwatch, and high heels for a fashionable style.

Common silhouette

It is a basic kurta. The most popular hem style for kurtis and kurtas is the standard silhouette. It has a classic straight cut with side slits and a mandarin or round neckline. These kurtas typically have 3/4-sized sleeves. The wonderful thing about this kurta is that you may wear it on any occasion. You can wear them at any moment.

There are several ways to dress a common kurta. You can accessorize your outfit, whatever you like, or even choose your accessories based on the situation. However, you won’t have to worry about going overboard because this kurta’s simplicity will go well with any decoration you want to add to your appearance.

Tunic style

Compared to the traditional kurta, a tunic or top is shorter. Modern ethnic tunic top brands have created a fresh and exciting collection. These are presently quite popular due to how frequently they combine traditional and modern aspects. It goes by the names tunic and short kurta as well.

Silhouette of angrakha

Earlier, angrakha kurtas were referred to as ethnic clothing. When women search for designer kurtis & kurtas online collection on google, angrakha kurtas is one of the most popular categories.

The angrakha suit silhouette involves layering cloth, and the midriff which typically covers side dori. One of the most popular looks among Bollywood celebrities, it is rather feminine. Many famous actors formerly appeared in angrakhas and looked stunning.


This is the perfect opportunity to stop being a rigid trend follower. Set the bar high. Let others follow you; don’t follow. These kurtas are comfortable to wear all day thanks to the natural fabric, and their distinctive designs make them suitable for any situation. You may now see why angarkha style kurtas are the most popular item of clothing in the Indian ethnic wear collection.

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