How much does it cost to keep a trademark active online?

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If you want to safeguard your brand on the internet, you will have to pay some money. There are numerous options based on how much protection you want and how fast you need it. However, there are several trademark protection firms that can assist you with this procedure far more affordably than paying a lawyer directly (which would cost tens of thousands of dollars).

Trademark rights are territorial; they only apply to the countries where you register your trademark. If you wish to utilise your trademark in many countries, you must register it in each one. We propose registering your trademark on a worldwide basis as soon as feasible to avoid any complications with conflicting trademarks and dilution of rights.

There are various options for online trademark registration:

US Trademark Application : The USPTO permits electronic filings for all trademark applications except those requiring intent-to-use status or overseas applications under Section 44(e), both of which need paper filing at this time.

Canadian Trademark Application: If you have been registered with an IPIC office for more than one year, you can file online at no additional cost; otherwise, there is a fee per application and class of goods/services being applied for that is due upon submission of your application package with IPIC’s online system.

* Australian Trade Marks Office – If you are requesting registration through IPUK Intellectual Property (UKIP), please send the necessary papers directly to IPUK Intellectual Property (UKIP) by post or courier delivery service.

* UK Trade Marks Registry – Please note that unless otherwise asked by UKIP Intellectual Property Ltd, any new designs should be submitted through email attachment or hard copy form (UKIP).

A registered trademark is valid for ten years and can be renewed forever if no challenges are filed during that period.

The cost of trademark maintenance is not cheap, but it is frequently cheaper than the cost of registration in each nation. Renewal costs are also less expensive than original registration fees.

For example, if you have already registered your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the filing price for an international trademark registration can be as much as $1,700, with an additional $400 charged for each class of products or services included in your application. However, if you do not file within six months after obtaining information from WIPO that your application has been approved for processing, you may be charged a late filing cost of $750 per class (plus perhaps extra $100 in civil penalties). For example, if your product was connected with two classes—one for both shoes and hats—you would pay only one filing fee rather than two separate ones totalling more than $3,000 after costs were added at this stage (which would mean more paperwork too). Here’s another example: Instead, envision three classes linked with your product—but this time, imagine them all being tied in some way such that no additional costs apply; then, even if these amounts seem crazy now, contemplate what they’d look like in the future! That said, I’m sure most individuals wouldn’t mind spending those types of amounts if they knew how much value they’d obtain out of their assets later on as time passed.”

To minimise delays and rejection, trademark filings should be evaluated by an attorney before submission.

Whether you are filing for a trademark in the United States or elsewhere, you must realise that certain standards must be completed before your application can be authorised. According to the USPTO’s website, for example, an applicant’s mark must be distinctive and original within its business. In other words, if someone else has previously registered a similar (but not identical) mark, your application will most likely be denied.

If you want to avoid this problem entirely and ensure that your desired domain name does not infringe on another company’s trademark rights by being too similar or confusingly similar (i.e., “confusingly similar” means that consumers would look at two trademarks side by side and think they refer to the same product/service), then hiring an intellectual property attorney can help guide you through this process quickly and efficiently.

To alert people that an unregistered mark is being claimed as a trademark, the sign “TM” might be used alongside it.

To alert people that an unregistered mark is being claimed as a trademark, the sign “TM” might be used alongside it. It is simple to use and free of charge. The sign can be printed or handwritten in any typeface and size, but it must always appear after the generic word being trademarked:

For instance, “TM” (with an uppercase T and an M)

On any items where the trademark is used publicly, the “TM” sign must be accompanied with a disclaimer (for example, “NOTICE: The mark(s) shown above are owned by XYZ Co., Ltd.”).

Even though each country has its own trademark office, there is no need to contact them all separately; instead, contact one of the many worldwide IP protection firms.

A business may also help you register your trademark in various countries. These companies will frequently charge less than what it would cost if you filed each application individually. Some companies will register your trademark in one country and then assist you in using that registration as a basis for registering the same or similar mark under the laws of another country. This is known as “backfilling.”

It will cost many thousands of dollars and take 1-2 years to protect your trademark online in most areas of the world.

The cost varies by nation and relies on the business you hire to accomplish it. The fee is also determined by the number of countries in which you want your trademark registered and the length of time you want protection.

If your firm just has one or two trademarks (for example, if it is new), the registration procedure might take less than a year and cost around $4,000 on average. If you have numerous trademarks (for example, if your company has expanded fast after filing its first trademark), registration might take up to two years and cost roughly $8,000 per trademark.


The cost of online US trademark registration Filing for a trademark or logo is not inexpensive, but it is worthwhile. If you want to start a business and want to protect your name from competition, this investment will pay off in the long term.

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