How does one go about trademarking a well-known term or phrase?


A trademark is a term, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates one party’s source of products or services from those of others. A service mark is similar to a trademark, except that it is used for services rather than products. The owner of a registered trademark has the exclusive right to use the mark throughout the United States, subject to the restrictions indicated under “What are some restrictions on my rights with federal trademark registration ?” below. The right to file a trademark in the United States can be enforced in federal court against infringers.

A trademark is a term, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and differentiates one party’s goods from those of another. A trademark’s aim is to distinguish your brand from others in the marketplace and to protect your brand from being utilised by someone else.

“A brand’s name” is a frequent way to think about trademarks. However, this is not correct—a trademark can consist of more than simply a firm name or logo (for example: Apple vs Microsoft). A company can use trademarks to register both its own name and other types of branding identification, as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.

A trademark is a legal right that allows you to use a mark exclusively in connection with products or services. Depending on where your firm is situated, you may register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or under state law. You may also register your trademark on an international level through the Madrid Protocol, which allows you to seek protection in numerous nations at the same time.

A trademark does not prohibit another firm from using your company name in a different industry; for example, if your company name is Taylor Made Construction, another company might use Taylor Made for apparel or makeup.

You can, however, restrict them from using the same trademark on identical items in your market region. For example, if there are two construction equipment firms named “Taylor Made,” they may both use their names, but only one may sell vehicles under that brand since it would likely confuse buyers and lead them to assume that all of these companies were associated when they are not.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website allows you to search for trademarks.

You may search by class or by owner.

If you have a certain product or service in mind, you may search for it here:

If you come across many trademarks with similar names but for distinct products or services, they are most likely legal to utilise. If you locate names that are similar to yours in your sector or business, you should avoid using them.

If there are too many trademarks for a popular term, such as “restaurant,” it’s important to conduct some research before proceeding. If the word is general and utilised outside of your business, it may not be worth attempting to register a trademark for it since someone might simply dispute your mark as being too generic, rendering any claim of ownership over the phrase null and void.

If you want to know if your trademark is strong or weak, look at how many firms have registered similar trademarks. Your trademark is regarded strong if there are less than 20 comparable trademarks; if there are more than 20, it is considered weak. Trademarks are significant because they assist consumers in determining the origin of products and services. When a customer sees a trademark on an item, he or she may be certain that the item was manufactured by the corporation that owns that mark. A trademark also protects customers from being duped into purchasing low-quality goods or services. – In the search box, type a product or service (for example, “flowers”). – Choose “Goods and Services Classes” from the dropdown menu on the left. Trademarking a name is vital for your business, but selecting the ideal one is not always straightforward. If you are unclear whether a trademark is accessible, consider engaging an intellectual property attorney to assist you with your search….

When you file a trademark application, you will select the classes and descriptions that best suit your company. If you exclusively sell cosmetics, you should only choose cosmetics classes rather than classes that have nothing to do with your company.

The USPTO class system is based on Section 30 of the Lanham Act, which was introduced in 1946 and separates products for trademark purposes into 45 distinct classes. The classification system begins with Class 1 (Industrial chemicals) and progresses to Class 45. (Bleaching preparations). Here’s an example from the USPTO website of how some of them may look:

Class 16: Paper, cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; pictures; stationery; adhesives for stationery or home uses; artists’ supplies other than paints; paintbrushes; typewriters and office requisites (excluding furniture); instructional and teaching material (save equipment);

Check the status of your US trademark filing and make sure it is up to date if you already have a registered trademark with the USPTO. You can also change information on your application, such as contact information, using the USPTO’s online platforms Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) or TEASi (International).

TEAS is for domestic use, whereas TEASi is for international use.

If you do not already have a registered trademark with the USPTO, you can apply online using one of their systems. You might also seek the assistance of a Trademark Attorney.


A trademark does not prohibit a competitor from utilising your firm name in a different industry. For example, if the name of your firm is Taylor Made Construction, you cannot prevent another company from using the term Taylor Made for apparel or makeup.

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