Top 10 Leading Garment Factory in Bangladesh

Leading Garment Factory in Bangladesh

lAd Bangladesh is now one of the world’s fastest-developing countries with a clothing industry. The country now has a good economic system in Southeast Asia, with a GDP of 324.2 billion USD (2020). Millions of people throughout the world wear clothing with the “Made in Bangladesh” label, bringing great credit to Bangladesh. This success is mostly due to the presence of a few garments factory in Bangladesh.

Jute was the most important source of export earnings till the end of the twentieth century. However, by the turn of the twentieth century, readymade clothing surpassed jute to become the country’s primary source of revenue.

In the fiscal year 2020/21, Bangladesh surpassed the United States as the second-largest producer of ready-made clothing, earning $31.5 billion through exports.

Bangladesh has made significant progress after the Rana Plaza tragedy. Since then, the garments factory in Bangladesh has become more active in creating convenient workplaces for workers. There are around 50 sustainable garment factories in Bangladesh. This country is home to many of the world’s most well-known garment makers who do business with mounted.

In this article, We will explain everything about the “Top 10 Leading Garment Factory in Bangladesh

List of Top 10 Leading Garments Factory in Bangladesh

  • Posh Garments
  • Ha-meem Group
  • Beximco Apparels Limited
  • Square Fashions Ltd.
  • DBL Group
  • Epyllion Group
  • Masco Industries Limited
  • Asian Apparels Limited
  • Akij Textile Mills Ltd
  • Fakir Group

There are about 4000 garment manufacturers, and many of them are fully integrated into the global economic system. Here are the top 10 Bangladeshi clothing manufacturers.

1. Posh Garments

Posh Garments is a major garment factory in Bangladesh. The manufacturing part of this sector began in 1984. Posh Garments offers a wide range of garment production, a large manufacturing capacity, and over 1200 qualified staff and professionals who work tirelessly to deliver high-quality items.

A variety of textiles, including cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, Tencel, satin, chiffon, and others, are worked with by their expert workforce of over 1200 people. The company utilizes various types of washing, such as enzyme, bleach, garment, cool dye, and so on. Furthermore, the product may be embellished with printing, embroidery, heat press, embellishments, sequence, ornaments, and other features. They made everything from casual dresses, skirts, and blouses to women’s nightwear and undergarments for girls.

They also make shirts, child gowns, pants, and college outfits for children. They provide a large selection of men’s boxers, boxer shorts, and formal and casual shirts. Posh Garments Ltd manufactures uniforms for resorts and hospitals in addition to workwear for professionals and workers. They have been a significant component of the Bangladeshi economy.

2. Ha-meem Group

Ha-meem Group is a garments factory in Bangladesh and the world’s largest supplier of readymade clothing and denim material. They now have 26 clothing factories, 300 manufacturing lines, and 7 washing plant life spread around the country. This prestigious firm has one of the most inventive production hubs in Bangladesh, and they make a variety of fashionable, stylish denim and clothing items all over the world.

Ha-meem Group is a garments factory in Bangladesh and the world’s largest supplier of readymade clothing and denim material. They now have 26 clothing factories, 300 manufacturing lines, and 7 washing plant life spread around the country. This prestigious firm has one of the most inventive production hubs in Bangladesh, and they make a variety of fashionable, stylish denim and clothing items all over the world.

3. Beximco Apparels Limited

Beximco Apparels Ltd. began manufacturing in March 1985 under the supervision of Comtrade Apparels Ltd, a Swiss employer. Later that year, Beximco took over the complete operation of this employer and renamed it Beximco Apparels Ltd. (BAL). BAL is a 100% export-oriented clothing manufacturer that manufactures woven material clothing such as men’s dresses, casual shirts, and women’s blouses (tops and bottoms).

Beximco Apparels Limited is managed by a group of specialists that aim to deliver high-quality clothing by utilizing a full-proof extraordinary management machine from material procurement to the final output. This garment now employs 870+ people and has a manufacturing capacity of 8000 computers a day, and it mostly ships its garment products to the United States, Canada, and European countries.

4. Square Fashions Ltd.

Square Fashions Ltd is also a major player in the production of readymade knit clothing such as Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Tank tops, Trousers, Hooded jackets & cardigans, Undergarments, and Kid’s Wear. They make clothing out of circular knitting textiles. The business became established in 1997, and they currently have clothing and material gadgets. This business believes in long-term goals and preserving nature’s inherent balance.

As a result, they have vowed to maintain an environmentally friendly workplace for their more than 13000 employees. It is delighted to announce that this employer has been named the “Best Workers’ Friendly Knitwear Industry” in Bangladesh. SFL is a sister topic of the Square organization, and its clothing devices can make more than 100,000 computers each day, and material devices have a production cost of 39. five lots of material per day. Customers include PUMA, G-Star, TOMMY HILFIGER, Timberland, and others.

5. DBL Group

DBL Group was founded in 1991 as a commercial venture for its family under the name Dulal Brothers Limited. This corporation has grown over the years to become one of Bangladesh’s most important fabric and garment businesses. They are also classified as a knitwear company within the country. This organization currently has 35,000 people working for it. They advertise various clothing items to significant apparel producers such as H&M, Walmart-George, Puma, Esprit, and others.

They are well-known for having fantastic clothing production facilities. This clothing company can create thirteen million PCs in line every month, with a gender ratio of 40% for ladies, 40% for children, and 20% for males.

6. Epyllion Group

Epyllion Group, founded in 1994, is one of Bangladesh’s largest garment businesses as a producer and exporter of knit clothing, with a solid backward link to knit garments, textiles, wet processing, and apparel-accent products. Clients may expect smooth supply from this firm, which has a cutting-edge, vertically integrated garment production plant. Several well-known apparel manufacturers from Europe, the United States, and Australia have committed their garment production needs to this group.

They currently employ over 20,000 people, and this business has a manufacturing capacity of 50000 kg/day for knitting, 45000 kg/day for dyeing, and more. Europe is their major export market, accounting for 84% of total industrial output.

7. Masco Industries Limited

Masco Industries Limited is one of Bangladesh’s major clothing export companies. They may be betting on a crucial position in knit clothing export and manufacture right now. Dhaka is the location of this personal organization. This company’s manufacturing segments are separate. This organization now employs more than 1970 people. Their yearly sales in the knit area exceed US$6 million, according to the supplier.

8. Asian Apparels Limited

Asian Apparels Restricted is a major clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. They began their journey in 1992 and have been steadily expanding their boundaries since then. They obtained a production facility for Priyam garments in 2002 and a manufacturing plant in Chittagong in 2004. They have a dynamic team of experts that do not compromise on the quality of their products and guarantee on-time delivery.

They currently employ 30,000 people across sixteen production facilities and three washing units. Their clothing has a few large consumers such as H&M, Walmart, Carter’s, JCPenney, and so on. It has an annual average sales of roughly $280 million.

9. Akij Textile Mills Ltd

Akij Textile Mills Ltd is a major producer of yarn-dyed and stable-dyed fabric in Bangladesh. It is part of the Akij Group, which is one of Bangladesh’s largest corporations. They are known to keep up with global trends and preferences in fabric and technology. This clothing manufacturer has been in business since 1998 and has excellent production facilities to meet the high demands of varied customers.

To suit the needs of its customers, the company employs the most recent technology and systems in all of its processes. ATML has a daily manufacturing capability of forty-four lots and employs over 1,600 skilled and trained personnel.

10. Fakir Group

In the worldwide market, Fakir Group offers Knit Garments, Garment Level Designing, Manufacturing, and other services. Fakir Fashion Limited is a 100% export-oriented Bangladeshi company. It is a part of Bangladesh’s top-ranked clothing industry. The headquarters and clothing production facilities are located in Narayangonj, Dhaka.


The modern function in the clothing industry has been built from the ground up by all of the major corporations. The bulk of the population of the nation now has access to employment possibilities because of the industry in one way or another. The standing of Bangladeshi clothes on the international stage is significantly influenced by these large enterprises.

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