Micro Soldering Repairs – All You Need To Know

micro soldering

With the proliferation of countless devices, there is an increasing need for device repair. It is characterized by significant changes in how manufacturers design and build their technology. Since devices are smaller, compact and miniature, the need for efficient and reliable component-level repair services increases. We have observed the needs of these markets and invested in the right people, skills and, ultimately, tools to enable us to perform a wide range of component-level repairs to a high standard of quality.

In this article, we will explain what micro soldering is and everything else you need to know!

What is Micro Soldering?

Repairs at the component level of a motherboard, known as micro soldering are carried out using a microscope and other specialized tools. It uses parts smaller than a grain of rice to restore your device’s functionality. Capacitors, connectors, and different types of motherboard-level damage can all be fixed or replaced with TCR. in soldering, two or more micro-level metal components are connected with the help of a solder. Its melting point is less than that of the parts. So, it melts and gives a physical link between the two or more components. Soldering does not require overheating of the components. It connects without any apparent damage. Due to its nature, soldering is a highly meticulous and precise task.

Often repairs come from customers that have exhausted simple iPhone repair options like screen replacement and want to steer clear of costly options for replacing the device.

Soldering is also known as “Surface Mount Soldering” because it is the most common method of attaching surface mount components to circuit boards. The microscopic nature of much of this work has given way to the term microsoldering, which is expected to be performed using specialized microscopes.

It handles various tasks, from replacing integrated circuits (ICs) and graphics chips to soldering and reballing procedures to restore damaged motherboards.

Component-level Repairs in Soldering

Common component-level repairs include smartphone components, computer hardware components, logic board (motherboard) repairs, board-level micro soldering, audio ICs, HDMI connectors, and moisture damage treatment.


The following damages require micro soldering such as:

  • Damage from attempted repairs from elsewhere or DIY attempts
  • HDMI cable damage
  • Other uncommon repairs such as TV remote, hoverboards, battery banks, baby monitors, key fobs, and almost anything that has a battery


The underlying causes of damage to the above components are varied and can be attributed to various factors. Chemical leaks, ageing, burnt circuit boards, and electromagnetic problems are commonly identified. Damage to components due to the rapid onset of corrosion is often unavoidable, especially in the case of moisture damage. Delaying proper treatment of the device will only make the corrosion worse and make the device much more difficult to repair.

Micro soldering is especially useful in fixing the known issue with the touch IC chips in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. This issue causes flickering of the screen, intermittent touch function, and often there is a grey bar at the top of the screen.Due to the phone’s tendency to bend slightly and the IC chips’ weak bond to the circuit board, it is simple for the bonds to break.In an effort to repair failed bonds, many repair shops simply reheat the chips. However, micro soldering enables us to remove any oxidation and old solder, resulting in a new, cleaner, stronger bond.

The charging ports on Android devices are known to loosen or break over time. We can easily fix these charge ports on your tablet or phone using micro soldering.

A damaged backlight on a mobile device can cause a very dark screen or no light output at all. In most cases, the phone continues to function, but the user is unable to view or use the screen. Additionally, consoles from Microsoft, Wii, and Playstation can be repaired.HDMI ports, USB ports, controllers, and power adapters are all common repairs for these gadgets. You can save hundreds of dollars and return to your games in a matter of hours with these repair options.

Bottom Line

It is important to ensure high-quality repairs with quick and affordable solutions. Micro soldering is a no-child’s play so one should be careful to hire a professional for this. Our devices are essential and we cannot play or let anyone play with them.

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