A Guide to Investors – M3M Paragon 57 Sector 57

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Pre-Launch M3M Paragon 57 Sector 57, one of M3M Properties’ best commercial developments, is located in Gurugram. The project features a business idea the city has never seen before.

This project was created as an artistic endeavor to offer users a distinctive environment that offers a diverse and secure combination of retail space, offices, leisure, and shopping. This commercial project includes a full-service food court and a cutting-edge retail space

Business and service-related events taking place in Sector 57 of M3M Paragon Future commercial initiatives seem to be a success. You might think about investing in these properties if you want to use them for business, for personal enjoyment, or for a reliable rental income in the near future.

Several esteemed colleges are located not far from the estate. You can get between the business and entertainment districts of the city with ease by using these thoroughfares. It is advantageous to exercise some influence in areas near the city. Crossing to the offices and commercial areas is peaceful for commuters. The city’s popular entertainment destinations are easily accessible to Sector 57 Gurgaon residents. To get to the nearby eateries, bars, and shopping centers, you can cross the street safely.

With this opulent commercial property, your project will be in good hands. It offers a safe place to invest with great returns and potential appreciation. It effectively demonstrates how the possibilities of your imagination are endless.

M3M Paragon 57 Gurugram evaluations Customers gave the outstanding blueprint with lavish architects and impeccable design a four-star rating. Learn about the world of smart technologies integrated into professional offices. The skillfully constructed offices and common areas, like the food court and parking, are there to enhance the artistic design.

It will also have social areas, which are essential for networking on both a personal and professional level. By making wise investments in the best and risk-free investment opportunities, you can become a part of an amazing ready-made commercial space.

The project will have a food court where customers can sample cuisine from a variety of well-known locations. Latham World will be the pinnacle of splendor and elegance in terms of commercial development.

M3M Atrium 57 may be your best option if you’re looking for a store in Gurgaon to use as a real estate investment vehicle. In Sector 57 of Gurgaon, there is a new development project that offers investment options in your price range.

Real estate options at Gurgaon’s most coveted commercial development, M3M Atrium 57, start at Rs. 1 Cr. Shops in M3M Atrium 57 Sector 57 benefit from high foot traffic and maximum visibility. 

Why you should buy a M3M Paragon 57 ?

M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon, which covers 1.4 acres, has a total of Offerings units available. 500 square feet are available for the M3M Paragon 57 Shop, and there are numerous configurations for the properties in this building. There is only one tower in the massive project.

Investment possibilities in M3M Paragon 57 ?

Looking for the M3M Paragon 57 store’s most recent price? The most recent M3M Paragon 57 prices are listed below.

Configuration: Shop M3M Paragon

Size: 500 sq.ft.

Price: Rs. 1 Cr onwards


Parking is accessible from levels B1 and B2.

 Lower Ground Floor Hypermarket

 SCOs at Level with triple height

Level 1: Specialty Retail

Levels 2 and 3 include restaurants and a food court.


M3M Builders is one of the most well-known real estate brands in Delhi NCR. The company wants to improve lifestyles and add value to the development of infrastructure. Magnificence in the Trinity of Men, Materials, and Money, also known as M3M, is an acronym. Because of its firm dedication to innovation, technology, quality, and customer satisfaction, the company has quickly established a reputation for itself that is unmatched. Delivering best-in-class projects with unwavering quality standards quickly and effectively is the company’s mission.


  • CCTV surveillance
  • Club House
  • Commercial Space
  • Entertainment Zone
  • Firefighting System
  • Food Court
  • Gym
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Multilevel Security
  • Parking
  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool

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