Why My Verizon Email not working- [Resolution Guide]

Verizon Email Not Working

If you are having issues and need answers as to why Verizon Email not working, you should optimize your browser and account configuration so that they are current with the time. In this situation, you’ll need to update your browser, erase your cookies and cache, and configure other things. By doing this, you can easily close the browser and open the mail program. In the interim, if you require assistance with anything, follow the instructions to resolve the issue.

Problem -Verizon Email not working today

Apply the following steps with details to get back to all your emails again. Each step is provided with the details for the complete shootout of the problems. This will make you get back to your email with some new and updated settings. Take care of the latest updates for a better experience and other features.

Step 1- Check Your Internet Connection

For network-related problems apply the following steps;

  • Check the router connection. For this restart the router again after some time. If the problem persists then contact the network support for complete assistance. Follow the instruction provided by the support to completely fix the error.
  • Restarting the system after waiting for a couple of seconds.

Sep 2- Check Server Settings

  For POP3

“POP3” (Incoming) – pop.verizon.net, port number; 995.

“SMTP” (Outgoing) – smtp.verizon.net, port number; 465.


“IMAP”(Incoming )-  imap.aol.com, port number; 993.

“SMTP” (Outgoing)- smtp.verizon.net, port number; 465.

Step 3- Optimize the Web Browser

You need to optimize the web browser as per its current version available in the app store. This will provide you with a lot of new features and relevant options made available to you.

Furthermore, you will get all the bugs and issues fixed with some sort of filter to give you asses to emails with high security.

The key steps are as follows;

Go to Microsoft store> Click on the lance icon on the top right corner> Search for the browser application > click on the update option.

This will optimize the web applications on your preferred device. Now you can start with emails and other sorts of things using your browser.

Step 4- Disable Antivirus or Firewall

For links and related stuff to load faster and smoother you need to disable the antivirus or the firewall.  Furthermore on this, you need to disable the add-on to make the disable process complete.

Step 5- Check Verizon Application Email Settings

This set will make the application enable to load emails and another set of details according to network setup.

Step 6- Reset Your Verizon Password.

If you are unable to get into your account you need to go through the set of specified steps to reset your Verizon password. For the easy setup process and other rest of the details need to be made ready in case of the requirement made through the prompts.

  • Enter the Verizon email and password.
  • Click on the next.
  • Here you need to click on forgot option.
  • Meanwhile, you need to go through all the details as per the prompt made on your screen. In this way, you can change your password and set it again as per the need.

Furthermore, you need to take care of things like choosing a strong password and providing the correct set of details for the complete set of your Verizon account.

Note – For recovery details, you can provide an alternate contact number and email address. This will help you in getting the verification done easily.

Concluding Words

Now you have complete information to fix the problem related to Verizon email not working today. Furthermore, you need to go through all the details available on our website. For doubts and problems, contact us form made available to you. Fill it with the necessary information to get all the doubts shorted.


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