The law also allows you to evict

The law in Colorado lets you require a 30-day notice from your tenants. The law also allows you to evict them after the 30-day period. To do that, you must file a Notice of Eviction in court. The judge will decide if you have grounds for eviction. A tenant is allowed to move out of a rental unit for any reason, as long as you agree to the reason.

If you have to evict your tenant, make sure that you have a reason in writing. It is a good idea to keep records of all the reasons that your tenant has given you. You need to have Vacant notice written proof of the reason for your tenant to leave the premises. If you don’t have anything in writing, then you should ask them why they are moving. The reason they give you will determine if you have grounds to evict them.

If you do evict your tenant, you will need to provide a 30-day notice. The 30-day notice should be mailed to your tenant. It needs to include the date when you intend to start to enter the rental unit and when you want the tenant to vacate the rental unit. The notice should also state the reason you will be moving in and when the tenant should move out. Make sure you give the tenant a time frame in which to move out.

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