Ship Your Product Damage-Free With a Fresh Look in Shipping Boxes


E-commerce has always been big, but the pump it got while all the COVID-19 thing was going on is immense. Because every place was shut down, and people needed life essentials at any cost, so the brands frequently had to ship products to different cities or even states, and we all know how shipping company treats the parcels. 

Your shipping technique has to be spot on if you don’t want bad reviews from your customers because they don’t care how you ship their product; the only thing they care about is getting the product in one piece because they are spending their hard-earned money on your product. 

In this blog, we will tell you the necessary steps you need to take to ensure that your product reaches its destination safely. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Pack Efficiently 

The efficiency of your product packaging will determine the shape of your product when it reaches its destination. How do you pack efficiently? You need to ask the right questions if you want to ensure the safety of your product, and those are:

  • How fragile is the product?
  • What is the size of your product?
  • Does your product have sharp edges?

If you have an answer to all these questions, then you will be able to pack more efficiently. Just ensure that there isn’t much gap between your product packaging and the corrugated box you are using for shipping, and if there is a gap, you can use things like bubble wrap, airbags, or packing peanuts to avoid extra space in the box.

Right Packaging Materials 

Right Packaging Materials 

Packaging material is the thing that matters the most during product shipping because no matter how efficient your packaging is, your product won’t survive the harsh climate conditions it will face along the way if you use cheap packaging material. You have got a bundle of options to choose from, and if you choose a cheaper option just because you are trying to save money, then you will pay the higher price; how? 

Because if the product gets damaged while shipping, your customer is going to send it back to you, and you will cover the cost of the return and will also have to bear the cost of the product. So, don’t try to be cheap and go for options like kraft paper boxes or cardboard boxes because they are cost-effective, sustainable, and durable.

Right Box Size 

The box size of your product matters a lot. If your box is too big for the product, then you will need more cushioning inside the product packaging to ensure that the product reaches its destination safely; otherwise, your product can get damaged because of all the extra space it has available to it. 

On the other hand, if your packaging is tight, then your packaging won’t be able to hold the pressure it will face from other parcels and will result in your product getting damaged. The thing is, choose the right material and size for your custom boxes with logo for shipping. You might be able to save a few bucks while choosing small boxes and cheap packaging material, but at what cost?

More Protection For Longer Distances 

Now that we are out of the COVID-19 outbreak, you can have customers even outside of your country, and they will need your products which means you will have to ship your products on longer routes. The thing with longer routes is that you don’t know what your parcel will come across because it can face harsh climate conditions like heat, shocks, or moisture, or it may face extra force and pressure from other parcels. 

You can get a sense of satisfaction while shipping to nearby cities because you might know the route, but that doesn’t happen in longer routes. This is why you need to use extra layers of protection to ensure that your product can cope with the conditions it will face. Those extra layers can be bubble sheets, plastic wraps, or any other material which guarantees the safety of your product.

Don’t Wrap Items Too Tightly 

Don’t Wrap Items Too Tightly 

Customers might want to order more than one product from your brand, and there is no way that you will send all those products individually because you would instead get a corrugated box and pack all the items in that one big box. This is where some brands can mess up. Some brands will do everything to ensure you receive the product in one piece. 

On the other hand, some others will try and save money by packaging your products too tightly, which can save them a few bucks on shipping costs, or they might even be able to save their extra layers of protection worth a few cents, which can result in product damage. So, don’t pack your products too tightly and give them some extra air to breathe.

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