If you are considering renting out a house

If you are considering renting out a house, you may want to be sure you know what type of credit check landlords do on tenants. This will help you understand why they make decisions about renting properties. Landlords use three different methods to determine whether someone is a good prospect for a rental unit.

The first method is a credit report review. They will look at your credit history and credit scores. They will also search for any derogatory information that may be on your credit report.

After reviewing your credit history, they will decide whether to rent to you based on the number of payments you have missed on your credit cards, the length of time you’ve House for rent by owner missed payments, your payment history, and whether you’ve missed paying back money you owe.

The second method used by landlords is checking your rental history. They will check your credit history to make sure you have been a good tenant. The third method used by landlords is searching for any outstanding judgments or liens against your name. They will consider the judgment amount you’re currently paying to the landlord and the total amount you’ve paid back.

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