FAQs Concerning Negative Marking on Government Exams

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Are you worried about receiving a failing grade on the government exam? Due to their concern about receiving poor marks, most applicants are reluctant to take the government exam. Such marking standards, which are used in government exams, are intended to evaluate a candidate’s real knowledge. The UPSC entrance examinations, or CAT, were the first to use negative marking. After that, it is used in government exams to exclude people who are compatible.

Negative marking is present in all bank exams, including IBPS PO, SBI Clerk, and others, so you must be very cautious to avoid it. The criteria for negative grading will range from 0.25 to 0.50 for the probationary officer and clerk profiles. You may find answers to some common queries students have about the negative marking on government exams in this post. On the other hand, you will be aware of how successfully you may change this circumstance. Connect with the top organization offering the finest SSC coaching classes to learn all you need to know about passing the banking exam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Negative Marking in Government Exams

Why Are Government Exams Given a Negative Grading Policy?

The primary goal of negative marking in government examinations is to examine the exam-takers knowledge. To prevent guessing during the government exam, this negative marking approach is used. Therefore, the easiest approach to determining if a candidate for a government exam really knows the subject matter of their choice is to ask them.

Is There a Penalty for Omitting the Question?

No, there is no penalty for leaving a question unanswered. Negative marking is associated with incorrect responses. You won’t get credit if you skip the question. Additionally, an examiner will not take away any of your points.

What should I do if I don’t understand all of the questions on the government exam?

There is no other way to provide the response or avoid receiving a failing grade. Yes! You can take a chance and make some astute assumptions. Only knowledgeable applicants who have put in the necessary practice will be able to use this method. Read the question and make an effort to fully comprehend it. Examine the selections on the provided list, then cross off the less important choices. Finally, from the available options, choose the one that seems most likely.

What Is the Best Way to Prevent a Bad Grade?

There is a proverb that states that efficiency comes from flawless and wise practice. The main strategy to prevent receiving a failing grade in the upcoming government exams is this. Make it a routine to practice mock exam questions and evaluate your performance. See how quickly you can mark the right answers. Work on your advantages and disadvantages. lengthen your practice sessions. Set short-term, weekly objectives and work to become better each day.

These pointers can help you avoid negative markings in government examinations such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, and others.

  • Make sure you read the exam instructions.
  • Carefully read the question, provide a reasoned response, and then mark it.
  • Never mark the answers without giving them some thought.
  • Check out the exam questions from last year. You’ll get a sense of the exam format from it.
  • Please refrain from deleting, crossing out, or overwriting the answers. This can cause problems when verifying OMR papers on computers. Erasing responses might qualify as a false positive. So, before making your decision for the next government exams, be careful.
  • When taking the arithmetic portion, it is important to pay closer attention.
  • After the exam, give yourself an additional 10 minutes to scan your sheet. Students often choose the incorrect response unintentionally. It is best to double-check your worksheet and change any incorrectly marked answers. We realized there wasn’t much time, and 150 questions couldn’t be checked in 10 minutes. However, you at least answer a couple or half of the questions. Just keep in mind that every point counts toward passing the bank exams. Consider connecting with the top organization offering the finest banking coaching if you have aspirations of passing the SSC exam.


As we’ve previously covered, a lot of students worked very hard to prepare yet never took an exam out of concern about receiving poor marks. Let us advise you to see it positively if you fall into the same group. The purpose of the negative grading is to evaluate the candidate’s genuine and actual knowledge. You won’t have to worry about it if you’ve effectively planned. Be sure of your knowledge, and try the simpler questions first to save time. Sometimes basic questions are posed in a confusing manner to confound pupils. Never hurry to label a question as answered. While trying the exam, approach every problem calmly and with optimism.

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