The Indian International Schools and Nursery Schools of Dubai

Dubai is a place that is dominated by Indians in the sense that they are the largest component of its population and very vital to the smooth functioning of the emirate’s economy. It is hardly surprising then that one finds very large numbers of them living there with their families and children. What makes it possible for them to do so is the presence of a large number of world-class nursery schools and Indian international schools in Dubai. Let us look at some of the best known ones:


The Best Nursery Schools and Indian International Schools in Dubai


1. Global Indian International School Dubai

Global Indian International School Dubai is one of the best known Indian international schools in Dubai providing a world class education to students from pre nursery to grade 12. It offers them the Global Montessori Plus and the CBSE curricula ensuring that they receive the best in terms of academic instruction. The school boasts a great campus that boasts every modern facility necessary to receive a world class education.


That apart, the school has some of the most qualified and experienced teachers anywhere  Run by the globally renowned GIIS group of schools, Global Indian International School Dubai boasts a sterling academic track record. That is not all – its students go on to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere.


2. The Indian Academy

The Indian Academy Dubai is one of the best known CBSE schools in the region providing a comprehensive education to children from the pre kindergarten level to the grade 12 level. The school has received a “Good” certification from KHDA and is extremely popular with the expat Indian community living there. The school has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2012 and this is proven by the fact that it has achieved 100% board results over the last five years.


A healthy teacher to student ratio ensures that each child in the school receives the individual attention necessary to ensure that they grow to their full potential. The students of the school invariably go on to do well with whatever they take up in life. The fact that the students who complete their education here invariably obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities bears ample testimony to that fact.


3. Gulf Indian High School


Gulf Indian High School was founded way back in 1979 with 200 students and 35 teachers and has grown over the years to become a premier kindergarten to grade 12 school that is extremely well regarded by the Indian community living in Dubai. The school is affiliated to the CBSE board and follows their curriculum and prescribes the text books recommended by it. The school boasts an energy efficient modern campus and provides a host of top class facilities like centralized air conditioning, state of the art labs, interactive classrooms and all manner of playgrounds and game courts.


Gulf Indian High School is the perfect place for young minds to learn, grow and develop to their full potential. The school’s academic track record speaks for itself as does the fact that its students go on to do very well for themselves in life. 


4. New Indian Model School Dubai

New Indian Model School Dubai is one of the best known Indian International schools in Dubai. Founded in 1980. Starting off with just 35 students it today educates as many as 6000 students! The school achieves outstanding results both in the CBSE boards and the Higher Secondary Kerala board. They also provide a Montessori/Kindergarten curriculum to students who have just started their formal education. 


The school has a great campus replete with every facility to provide the students the wherewithal to excel both at academics and extracurricular activities. The school is extremely popular with the expat Indian community living in Dubai, on account of its excellent academic track record. They also like the fact that its students go on to obtain admission to the best colleges and universities. 




Dubai is a favorite destination for millions of Indians as it provides them with a great opportunity to raise their standards of living and provide their families with a fabulous life. The Indian international schools in Dubai play a crucial role in facilitating this by ensuring that their children receive a world class Indian education in their home away from home.


Most of these Indian schools provide access to the popular Indian curriculum CBSE that makes it possible for the students to seek admission in Indian as well as foreign colleges and universities. Besides, the Indian schools keep the students drawn from the Indian diaspora in touch with their roots and traditions. At the same time these schools have a great international vibe as well owing to the fact that they have students from other parts of the world on their rolls as well. This ensures that the children study in a global environment-something that augurs very well for their overall growth and development.

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