How to Maintain Your Curtains at Home?

Curtain maintenance

As you know, curtains give a place personality and charm. They can make your day better, make you feel less stressed, and shield you from the sun. In addition to this, it gives you some much-needed privacy. However, any kind of curtain fabric will eventually become soiled and lose its colour. Even more, it begins to smell after being used for a long time. Due to this, they need regular cleaning as part of good curtain care and maintenance. If you want your drapes and curtains to look good and endure a long time, curtain maintenance is crucial. Even if you select the best fabric for your curtains and the right length and colour. They will eventually become soiled and lose their freshness. These window coverings and ironmongery accessories are such as curtains, blinds, and brass curtain tie backs.

We would like to assist you in making your curtains endure as long as possible because we are aware of the effort that goes into choosing and creating them for your home. We hope that these curtain cleaning hints will aid in your home-based curtain cleaning education.


Know the Tips for Curtain Care

Before going ahead you should know some curtain care suggestions to make your curtains last longer. If you want to know how to clean curtains you need to read this blog.


  1. Reduce Your Sunlight Exposure

Generally, too much sun exposure can cause the colours of curtains to fade. If we talk about the light-colored cloth curtains, they will reflect light and resist fading in your home. Otherwise, dark-colored curtains will absorb light and deteriorate over time. 

In order to prevent them from fading too quickly throughout the day, draw your curtains up or back. Shades can be used to shield the curtains from the sun. For quality and design, wood blinds are truly fantastic options. 


  1. Use the Right Length of Curtains

The right length curtains will prevent them from getting soiled too quickly. If we talk about being overly long, people and pets in your home may walk on them. Furthermore, they will drag on the floor and collect filth. Longer curtains will also be yanked on, which could harm the track or poles.


  1. The Ideal Curtain Length

It would be great for short curtains to hang just below the window’s bottom frame. The bottom of long curtains should be seen. The curtains should ideally not touch the ground.

Make careful to utilise this sort of curtain in a room with few visitors if you want your curtains to pool at the base of your windows.


  1. Clean your Curtains Frequently

Lighter-colored textiles become discoloured as a result of curtains’ propensity to collect dust. To make your curtains easier to clean, you should vacuum them once a month at the very least. While vacuuming, you need to use the soft brush attachment to extract as much dust as you can.

But before vacuuming the curtains, take off any removable embellishments or dangling trimmings to avoid damaging them. It is important to do vacuuming in the vicinity of them if they can’t be eliminated.


  1. Alone in the Machine to Wash

You should wash the drapes if they are labelled washable. If your curtains can be machine-washed, take sure to wash them properly. Along with your curtains, don’t add any other clothing or accessories. After implementing, you can avoid having other colours stain your curtains. Clean curtains in a washing machine properly, after reading the directions once more.

Check to see if the fabric has been preshrunk before putting your curtains in the washing machine. Before placing the rings in the washing machine, make sure you take off all of the rings. In order to prevent shrinking, use cold water and mild detergent. This is an essential component of curtain maintenance and care.


  1. Utilise Mild Detergents

In this suggestion, use gentle detergents for cleaning fragile curtains by hand or in a washing machine. Keep in mind, prior to washing, follow the washing instructions on the tag. With this, your curtains will last longer and continue to be soft as a result.


  1. Never Tumble-Dry Curtains

Using this tip, you can naturally dry your curtains indoors or outside if there is adequate wind. It is applicable even if your curtains are constructed of durable materials, tumble drying them might still damage them. You can wring your curtains to remove as much water as possible rather than tumble-drying them. After this, use the air dry, thicker textiles can be ironed on low heat. 


  1. Utilising Steam

Curtains frequently benefit from a good steam clean, which you can do on a routine basis, hand washing or dry cleaning. This significantly extends the life of your curtains by getting rid of any bacteria or odours. This may still be present after regular cleaning. 

It’s preferable to hire pros if you have never completed this task on your own previously. This is because any carpet cleaning company worth their salt will offer to take care of your curtains. This is as part of their service offering, so do your research and choose an established provider.

After a wash, steam cleaning your curtains is recommended because it helps get rid of any lingering bacteria and smells. If you don’t know how to steam clean curtains at home, take assistance from a professional to do so.


  1. Curtain Dry Cleaning

You need to do this dry cleaning because other washing techniques could cause the curtains to shrink. This has become damaged, or lost their colour. With this, you can get the best “dry cleaning at home kit” with the correct instructions. 

So, pour a tiny amount of detergent on a spot that won’t be seen to see if the cloth is colorfast. Look for alternate solutions if the colour starts to fade.


Final Thoughts

To wrap up, everybody buys curtains and ironmongery accessories with the aim of using them for a long time. It’s crucial to maintain and clean your curtains at home to protect your investment. We hope the above-discussed curtain care suggestions will be helpful to you. In addition along with these tips you can use add-ons like brass curtain tie-backs to protect the curtain.


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