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The benefits of massage on stress.

Back to school is often stressful for parents; the holidays are always too short and not very relaxing. In this difficult time, it is essential not to be overwhelmed by the stress of the start of the school year. Here are some ideas to help you better deal with stress.

Stress is a vicious circle that feeds itself, especially if you can’t afford to go on vacation on a sandy beach as you, please. Fortunately, massages are a great way to eliminate this ubiquitous stress.

The impacts of stress are physical and psychological by causing significant tension in the body, which can trigger pain and promote discomfort and nervousness. These two consequences are the very source of stress, and it quickly becomes impossible to get out of them.

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Taking care of yourself and your body through a massage session allows your body to get rid of these accumulated tensions. So certainly will not modify the external sources of stress, especially at the start of the school year, but you offer yourself the opportunity to react more calmly and serenely.

During these periods of great stress, some massage lovers go to their favorite masseur once a week, and their daily life is all the more fulfilling.

But then what massage do I need?

All massages bring, in their way, a form of relaxation and relaxation. However, the best massage to fight against the stress of going back to school is not predefined; it is specific to each person and their feelings.

Generally, when we talk about massage to fight against stress, it is always the same ones that come back.

  • The Californian massage is very gentle and allows you to enjoy complete relaxation. However, it does not work the muscles in depth and therefore does not allow you to tackle certain tensions head-on.
  • Shiatsu: Japanese massage and tonic par excellence; some find it too violent. Nevertheless, it has the advantage of being extremely effective against muscle tension and knots.
  • Ayurvedic massage: holistic massage par excellence seeks to rebalance the body. Most Cartesian who like to feel their body working will not be convinced. Like the Californian massage, it is a moment of supreme relaxation ideal for fighting against stress.
  • Thai massage: far from the clichés of violent or sulfurous massage, the Thai technique combines pressure with stretching to rebalance the body. It is an ideal massage for those who suffer from tension and pain related to chronic stress and their work.
  • Plantar reflexology: the feet are one of the human body’s most important nerve and energy centers. By massaging them, it is possible to act on all the organs. A good foot massage is, therefore, ideal in times of stress.
  • The personalized message: as gentle as it is invigorating, energizing as it is relaxing, this massage will be able to adapt to your well-being needs and thus eliminate this feeling of discomfort due to stress and all the pain that accompanies it.

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Apart from massages, there is also sophrology which helps to overcome this stress!

Sophrology is a natural technique that allows everyone to better manage their daily stress by managing their breathing. It also helps to fight against occasional stress, such as back-to-school stress.

Through simple and accessible techniques, sophrology teaches how to manage your breathing to increase your control over your emotions and stress. Consequently, sophrology makes it possible to fight against stress but also against all of its negative consequences on daily life. It would therefore improve the quality of sleep and reduce digestive problems.

Sophrology is also for children and adolescents.

Sophrology is a simple technique that presents no danger. It can therefore be practiced at any age. However, many professional sophrologists now offer sessions exclusively for children and adolescents.

Two very special ages where anxiety and stress are present but often misunderstood and difficult to express

In children and adolescents, the practice of sophrology makes it possible to better manage stress, particularly the stress of the start of the school year, and tame one’s emotions. It’s an endless source of valuable lessons that will serve them well for the rest of their adult lives.

Does the experience tempt you?

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