Medios Vs CharmHealth- all you need to know   

medios vs charmhealth

What is Medios?  

Medios EHR is a cloud-based solution appropriate for healthcare practices of all sizes and meets the needs of a wide range of medical specializations. It was created by IOS Health Systems and provides a sophisticated solution for automating workflows and improving patient care.  

What is CharmHealth?  

CharmHealth EHR is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant MU Stage 3- 2015 Edition Certified electronic health records (EHR) management solution developed to assist small and medium ambulatory care clinics in creating and managing patient documents from anywhere on the internet.  

Medios Vs CharmHealth- Feature overview  

Medios EHR Software Features  

  • Appointment Management 
  • Clinical Workflow  
  • Document Management  
  • Insurance and Claims  
  • Lab Integration  
  • Patient Demographics  
  • Patient Portal  
  • Scheduling  
  • e-Prescription  

CharmHealth Features  

  • Reporting & Statistics  
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Appointment Management  
  • Billing & Invoicing  
  • Reminders  
  • Patient Records Management  
  • Alerts/Notifications  
  • Document Management  

Why do we propose Medios, and how may its features benefit your practice? 

Medios EHR software includes a Meaningful Use dashboard that may track a healthcare practice’s compliance with ONC guidelines. It offers e-prescribing, lab and illness management, inter-office messaging, adaptive documentation, device integration, real-time dashboards, voice recognition, and more. The system includes disease management modules that provide users with a summary of illnesses and diseases across local or larger populations. The company provides patient and partner portals, allowing healthcare professionals to connect seamlessly with patients and third-party providers. The system contains a workflow module that tracks patients’ progress throughout treatment.

Healthcare practitioners can disclose the patient’s medical history to others if necessary. Medios’ document management system may receive lab results and incoming taxes directly to streamline documentation. The practice management system is designed to provide physicians with collection tools and revenue cycle management. The automatic claim tracking component of the Medios EHR system allows users to outline claims and generate customized billing reports. Furthermore, it can generate claims directly from the day when a given service was rendered. 

Why consider CharmHealth for your practice? 

The EHR system enables healthcare providers to document patient encounters, order and track laboratory tests, plan visits, and much more. Furthermore, the system is highly adaptable, allowing healthcare institutions to tailor it to their specific needs.  

The CharmHealth mobile app and add-ons extend the software’s reach and give healthcare professionals even more freedom. The system also has a powerful reporting and analytics module that gives healthcare organizations insights about their patient population and the treatment they deliver. In addition, CharmHealth APIs simplify integrating with third-party programs and devices.  

The Practice Management tools help providers manage their practices more efficiently. Healthcare professionals may schedule appointments, track laboratory testing, handle referrals, and bill patients all in one spot. CharmHealth allows you to streamline appointment scheduling, decrease paperwork, and improve patient happiness. The patient portal allows patients to access their health information online securely. For example, patients can check their scheduled appointments, visit summaries, lab results, immunization records, and educational resources. They can also message their care team, request prescription renewals, and pay their expenses online.  

The Charm EHR system has a comprehensive patient record that includes demographics, allergies, prescriptions, vaccines, past medical history, vitals, test findings, and radiology pictures. Using customized templates, providers may quickly capture patient interactions. Before providing services, healthcare practitioners can use this tool to check a patient’s insurance coverage. It helps to avoid billing issues and ensures that patients receive the necessary care.  

The seller also provides onsite training, which benefits organizations or workers utilizing this program for the first time. This service is charged separately. The cost of data migration varies according to the volume and type of data to be transferred. An in-house data migration team may assist practices wishing to transition to CharmHealt EHR Software in data transfer to Charm EMR software & solutions.  

Medios pros and cons  


  • This is the only system we looked at that achieves this, and training is done in real-time and one-on-one.  


  • It lacks any recent features. The customer support service could be better because issues are never handled.  

CharmHealth EHR Pros and Cons   


  • It is really simple to use and has many adjustable capabilities, which is fantastic. It is also simple to learn and utilize. Adding new patients, adding files to their charts, and using patient management are all simple tasks.  
  •  Starting is simple, and the learning curve is short compared to cheap software.  
  •  It is simple to arrange an appointment on the software, and you do not need to click more than three times to complete a task. The amazing Free option gets you up and running quickly and offers tools for labs and photos, prescriptions, billing, and calendar.  
  • A useful piece of software with an excellent smartphone app. This is useful if you do many house visits.  

CharmHealth EHR Cons:   

  • Customer support must be enhanced immediately, and billing integration is frequently complex and time-consuming.  
  • It is not currently compatible with all browsers, but once that is fixed, it will be flawless.  
  • Numerous things could be improved in the software. For example, the technology does not allow providers to change message restrictions, and customer service could be better.  

Our Thoughts  

Medios EHR is a cloud-based electronic health records platform built specifically for private practitioners. It is customizable, and significant features include reporting functions, interactive workflow modules, and a module that tells patients when a specialist has recalled them. It also has disease management modules, which can provide an overview of diseases and disorders in local or larger populations. Users of Medios Electronic Medical Records Software have several options because it is quite comprehensive and provides many functionalities. It enables clinicians to access patient information, make changes to them, and check test results on various web-enabled devices, including tablets.   

CharmHealth is a comprehensive EHR software that provides a wide range of capabilities to assist doctors in managing their practices more efficiently. In addition, the software is HIPAA-compliant, and ONC-ATCB certified. So, if you’re seeking EHR software that can help you improve patient care while saving time, Charm Health is the appropriate pick. 

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