Why Do Men Have Erectile Dysfunction?

why do men suffer from erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction now affects all men, whether they are between the ages of 20 and 30, or between the ages of 40 and 50. Because ED is primarily an age-related condition, it is also reported that the odds of developing it rise with age. Erectile Dysfunction is caused by a number of variables that can influence a man’s ability to maintain an erection as well as his energy levels. The stressors that people face on a daily basis or their lifestyle choices.


Because no one is immune to the stress and worry of today’s hurried lifestyle, ED is a frequent problem. Aside from sadness and stress, there are a variety of physical factors to consider, such as neurologic factors, hormonal changes, and cardiovascular issues. High blood pressure and diabetes might have an impact on your sexual life. That is why ED is on the rise; this sexual illness refers to an individual’s inability to keep or maintain an erection during sexual activity.


Erectile Dysfunction is defined as:


Now is the best time to use Tadalafil Vidalista 20mg. ED is not an age-related condition; anyone can be affected by it because the first pace is so important. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a variety of medical or psychological factors, preventing both partners from fully enjoying their time in bed. 

The fundamental issue in ED is the inability to sustain or keep an erection during sexual activity. It is not the type of issue that cannot be resolved. This condition can be cured with proper treatment. They sometimes have trouble getting a good erection during intercourse.


What factors contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED)?


Here are some physical factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction:

Low testosterone levels: As we all know, testosterone is a hormone that stimulates a man’s sexual abilities. As a result, reduced testosterone levels can raise the risk of ED.


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by atherosclerosis, a disorder or difficulty with blood circulation. Cenforce is an effective medicine to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.


Stroke or a cardiovascular disease is extremely effective in causing sexual disorders such as ED.

Antidepressants, diabetes, cardiovascular, and high blood pressure meds are some of the official treatments for various health concerns. 


Excessive smoking: Because tobacco containing nicotine can obstruct the blood supply to the penis, smoking can play a major role in the development of ED or impotence.




Anxiety and stress are symptoms of a fast-paced lifestyle.


Some blood pressure medications, including water pills and beta-blockers, are linked to erectile dysfunction because they induce the human body to produce ED. These medications have the potential to impair sexual ability and cause ED.

Anxiety about performing:


Due to our hurried lives, we have many sexual problems, and as a result, we suffer from performance anxiety. 

Which of the following assertions concerning sexual disorder desires is correct, and how might this problem lead to our Erectile dysfunction?




If you’re depressed for whatever reason, it’ll damage your ability to erect and then sexual performance, making it harder to keep an erection. 

Nervous system issues include:


If you have a neurological system disease, you may notice that it impairs your sexual ability. Erectile dysfunction can occasionally be caused by nerve system issues.

Erectile dysfunction caused by hormones:


Hormone imbalances can induce erectile dysfunction since hormones control how all of our organs function. Prolactin is a hormone generated by the pituitary gland. 

Reduced levels of this may cause erection problems and erectile dysfunction.

TBI stands for traumatic brain injury.


We can’t do anything until our brains are involved. When the brain is harmed, it stops sending messages to regulate other body organs. This is also true for the penis. Traumatic brain injuries, as well as impairments to the neurological and spinal systems, have a significant impact on men’s sexual capacity to achieve and maintain erections.

Erectile dysfunction caused by pelvic or perineal injuries can sometimes be addressed with a surgical revascularization technique.


Apart from that, there are other marital and love relationship problems, as well as the negative effects of past sexual trauma on the mind.


The method for treating impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Treatments for ED or impotence are similar in that they are prescribed for a variety of causes, including


Alcohol consumption reduction or cessation, tobacco cessation, adequate weight loss, and increased physical activity are all recommended.


You should discontinue taking any ED medications that have the potential to cause impotence, as this can progress to ED. If you suspect you have impotence or ED, you should get help from a psychotherapist

Pelvic traumatic injury


Trauma to the pelvic area can cause a variety of issues with sexual performance, but it is treatable. Men’s genital organs may have a disruption in blood supply as a result of trauma to the pelvic area. Erectile dysfunction caused by pelvic or perineal injuries can sometimes be cured with surgery.

Because it is so tightly tied to sex, this process can help with depression, stress, and anxiety.


Some ED medications are injected directly into the penis or urethra to treat the condition. It is thought to be a highly effective drug for treating this illness.


Testosterone therapy can help you feel more energized and happier, as well as minimize depression. As a result, it usually improves sexual drive in men with low testosterone levels.


It’s a device that boosts blood flow into the penis to increase the ability to keep and maintain an erection. Impotence and erectile dysfunction can thus be eliminated from the human body.

If alternative therapies have failed, surgery may be the best option. The condition is treated with two different types of implants.

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