Protein bar: benefits and harms to the body

Protein bar: benefits and harms to the body

When is a protein bar useful? The benefits and potential harms of protein bars – read the observation article by Body Nutrition specialists.

Protein bar: benefits and harms

Discussions about the benefits and harms of protein bars do not subside among nutritionists, sports coaches, and other professionals. How safe a product is for the body depends on several factors – the constituent components, a person’s diet, physical activity, and the presence of chronic diseases in the body. The article discusses the questions in which cases the bar is useful and in which it can cause real harm to health.

Composition of protein bars

The main component is an easily digestible protein consisting of amino acids vital for the body. It is the main building material for all body tissues. For athletes and active people, proteins help build muscle mass. Despite all the benefits of a protein bar, it is important to remember that it does not replace a good diet and does not replenish the full set of proteins obtained from meat products, fish, and poultry.

Contains no sucrose. To improve the quality and useful properties of the product, sugar is replaced with fructose syrup. This combination allows people with high blood sugar levels and diabetics to use the bar. The syrup also plays the role of a stabilizer and retains the correct structure.

Useful properties of protein bars

The benefits of advanced protein bar for women and men are the rapid receipt and absorption of proteins in the body. They also regulate lipid metabolism and prevent the accumulation of harmful fat deposits. Amino acids benefit the hematopoietic system and increase the content of red blood cells and hence hemoglobin. This is an additional plus for active people since all cells in the full meta are saturated with oxygen.

The bar normalizes hormonal levels, strengthens the immune system, and increases defenses making the body resistant to airborne infections in autumn and winter. This is especially true for residents of metropolitan areas and large cities.

What are the benefits of protein bars for active people, athletes, and athletes:

  • increase endurance;
  • replenish energy;
  • compensate for protein deficiency;
  • restore the body after exhausting workouts;
  • prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue after intense physical activity;
  • contribute to the rapid healing of wounds and recovery from injuries.

The product is used only a few times a week. It is indispensable when there is no opportunity to fully dine or drink a protein shake.

Potential harm to the product

Whether protein bars are always useful or they can be harmful depends on the frequency of use, metabolic disorders, and the presence of chronic diseases in a person.

Do not use the product for people with type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependent). In this case, you will need to adjust the insulin dosage, the scheme of its use, and control plasma glucose levels. In patients with this diagnosis, the metabolism is seriously impaired, so it is better to abandon experiments to avoid complications.

People with type 2 diabetes mellitus (insulin-independent) can eat the product after consultation with the attending endocrinologist. Whether there is any real benefit from protein bars is considered on a case-by-case basis.

The uncontrolled use of bars as a dessert leads to weight gain, negatively affecting the heart and metabolic processes.

Infrequent use does not harm anyone’s health, especially if a person leads an active lifestyle. Protein candy will not only energize you but also give you in a good mood.

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