Unicharts Software and Its Features!

Unicharts Software

Using Unicharts Software in medical practice will allow you to keep track of your patient’s health information in a comprehensive way. This software has several features, such as flexible patient history forms, easy database management, and compliance with HIPAA regulations.


Having an integrated EMR software package like UniCharts helps you keep track of patient health records. It also allows you to create custom reports, referral letters, and notes. The software is ideal for physicians’ offices and consultants. It is a cost-effective solution that allows you to document complex patient visits accurately and in less time.

This software is a browser-based EMR system, which means it can be accessed from any computer. It also has an import utility, which can be used to add thousands of patients in minutes. The software supports Extensible Markup Language (EML), which is a universal data format. It can be imported from an Excel or CSV file.

It is compatible with Internet Explorer version 6.0, and it does not require any plug-ins. The software is also designed to run on low-bandwidth connections, such as 56K.

Flexible patient history forms:

Using an electronic chart to record patient history is a time-saving exercise. Whether you are documenting a complex patient visit or a routine one, it is a good idea to have an effective electronic chart for your medical practice. The UniCharts software is a great way to implement an electronic charting system in your office.

Aside from having a solid user interface design, this EMR system also has other features to help improve your practice’s workflow. This includes the ability to generate encounter notes and schedule appointments. It also provides refill management and intra-office messaging. This helps your practice to streamline its workflow and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry. The application is customizable for your practice’s unique needs, and the company offers a wide range of features to fit your office’s budget and needs.

Ease of implementation:

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the electronic medical records game, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of what the Unicharts software can do for you. It’s an affordable and dependable solution that is sure to make your life easier. It’s also easy to install, maintain and customize. It comes with a one-year free update package, email support, and a license key that’s good for life. This EMR software system also offers a smoother transition from paper to digital.

The best part about the UniCharts software is that it’s so easy to learn and use. It is also very cost-effective, with the cheapest licenses coming in at just under $200. Unlike some other systems, it doesn’t require any installation of a database. In fact, you can install it on your desktop and point a browser window to the UniCharts login page.

Compliance with HIPAA regulations:

Keeping compliance with HIPAA regulations is a very important step for healthcare organizations. It protects the privacy of patient information and ensures that it isn’t disclosed to the wrong people. However, failure to adhere to the rules can lead to penalties.

These include civil and criminal penalties. For example, willful neglect carries a fine of $10,000 per incident. Knowingly obtaining or disclosing ePHI carries a fine of $50,000. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) investigates and penalizes violations. In 2019, the OCR increased its enforcement efforts.

HIPAA regulations are managed by the Department of Health and Human Services. In order to comply with the regulations, organizations need to have a chief privacy officer, create and maintain security policies, and train employees in compliance. In addition, they must perform annual audits of business associates.

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Unlike many other EMR systems that cost several thousand dollars per license, UniCharts EMR software is a one-time purchase. It can be customized to suit your needs, from a single doctor’s office to a multi-specialty practice. It is a reliable EMR software solution from a reputable company.

UniCharts EMR software is accompanied by a robust high-performance database. Its user-friendly interface lets you add parallel slots, manage patient appointments, and generate custom reports. The software can store an unlimited number of images and documents. It also has a surprisingly long list of features, including voice recognition, handwriting recognition, and referral letters.

UniCharts EMR software comes with free upgrades, free email support, and a free year of updates. In addition, it is an industry-standard electronic medical record system that has been used by doctors in a variety of specialties. It can be used by practitioners of all stripes, from primary care physicians to surgeons, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists.

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