Patagonia Health EHR Vs. Onetouch EHR- which is better for your practice?

Patagonia Health EHR vs. Onetouch EHR- features overview

For medical organizations offering behavioral health, mental health, and drug misuse treatment services, Patagonia Health is an ONC-ATCB accredited cloud-based platform. As one of the biggest software solutions providers, it offers practice management, billing, and electronic health record systems that have received government certification.

Key Features of Patagonia Health EMR

  • Employee Management
  • Self Service Portal
  • E-Prescribing
  • Claims Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Initial Assessments
  • Multi-Provider Practice
  • Single Provider Practice
  • Treatment Plans
  • Medical Billing


The user interface of the One Touch EHR software has been created to provide users with seamless and straightforward navigation. In addition, practices may easily access patient medical records and other pertinent data from anywhere, thanks to cloud-based EMR software. The EMR software’s compatibility with iPads, iPhones and other Android-based devices contributes to this accessibility.

OneTouch Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software provides features including e-prescribing, document management, scheduling applications, and appointment reminders and can be coupled with labs and fax machines. For small and mid-sized practices seeking a quick, reliable, and user-friendly EHR solution, the EMR system is advised.

One Touch EMR is used to organize the health information of small and medium-sized organizations. A platform that combines medical information, timetables, and supply management includes a dashboard that displays daily schedules, pending orders and conversations between patients and coworkers. In addition, it offers thorough patient encounter documentation, which includes demographics, vitals, history, history of the present condition, medications, allergies, and more for each visit, as well as an encounter chronology to help place therapy into perspective.

OneTouch EMR Software Features

  • e-Prescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • Compliance Tracking
  • Practice Management Software
  • Lab Integration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Voice Recognition
  • Mobile App
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Medical Billing Service


What benefits may Patagonia Health features bring to your practice?

Patagonia EHR ensures superior patient care by providing cost-efficient and customer-driven products. In addition, the EHR solution seeks to streamline daily operations, boost productivity, and enhance work procedures to improve the client experience.

In addition to evaluations, case management, treatment plans, progress notes, group notes, e-prescribing, and clinical quality metrics, Patagonia Health provides users with the resources they need to provide the highest quality of care. Information entered into Patagonia Health is organized according to a golden thread to improve productivity. Once entered, data is automatically populated throughout the entire system. In addition, clinical staff can spend more time delivering high-quality care thanks to additional capabilities such as screening tests and counseling tools.

Treatment plans, clinical quality indicators, e-prescribing, group notes, case management, progress notes, and assessments are some of the features included in Patagonia Health. Impressive data entry occurs when the information entered by a user is transmitted to the entire system.

Cost and usability, two critical barriers to EHR adoption, will be addressed by Patagonia Health. Additionally, it aids clients with billing. To provide a better client experience, the solution helps to enhance workflows, streamline operations, and raise efficiency. Additionally, the system offers a vast selection of EHR templates that may be altered to meet the customers’ needs.

OneTouch EMR’s advantages

OneTouch EMR is electronic medical record software that includes features for managing documentation, scheduling, placing lab and order requests, and demographics. In addition, the website offers users a dashboard to help them manage all planned visits, messages, unfinished lab work, and medication refills. It also lets users add new patients and appointments and has a news feed tailored to the business.

Users can attach pertinent comments to any booked appointments, such as confirmed, canceled, postponed, and checked-in ones, using the program to analyze patient charts and demographics. It also streamlines encounter documentation processes and workflows. The platform also electronically connects to the practice’s lab system to simplify the lab order process and enhance operations, and it presents all patient demographics and essential data in straightforward formats. OneTouch EMR is an ONC-ATCB Certified product that doctors wishing to meet Meaningful Use requirements can use. In addition, the technology is intended to help doctors manage their total note-taking capacities and provide virtual Encrypt-and-MAC coding assistance to help them get paid.

OneTouch EMR assists over the phone via online chat and tutorial videos. The technology can be made available as part of the OneTouch EMR system’s suite or smoothly integrated with several practice management and billing solutions. Scheduling, appointment reminders, document management, lab orders, e-prescribing, integrated fax, and other features are part of OneTouch EMR’s portfolio.

With the lab connectivity tool, you can easily arrange tests for patients from your clinic, simplifying matters for you and your patient. Additionally, once test results are available, the functionality will let you access them directly on your EMR program.

You can diagnose your patients more quickly since you can obtain vital test findings promptly. As a result of your improved understanding of the issue and your patient’s potential needs, you can also create better clinical treatment plans!

Cost of OneTouch EMR software

The monthly fee for the entry-level OneTouch EMR pricing plan is $199. However, the vendor provides various variable-priced options for practitioners with diverse demands.

You can learn more about OneTouch EMR by arranging a demo (click the respective button above or on this page). A thorough OneTouch EMR demo will enable you to see how user-friendly it is.

Is the Patagonia Health EHR or OneTouch EMR the best option for you or your company?

In the end, your requirements will determine which option you choose. The electronic medical record system from Patagonia Health is appropriate for small, medium, and prominent practitioners. It focuses on healthcare facilities with unique requirements. It serves a variety of specializations, including behavioral health organizations, private practices, community health centers, and federally qualified health centers.

OneTouch EMR is a web-based electronic health record (EHR) solution with powerful features for improving healthcare workflow frameworks. The software integrates numerous common EMR and practice management (PM) components into a cohesive suite to aid healthcare organizations in streamlining and managing their everyday practice operations.


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