eClinicalWorks vs Praxis EMR – How These EMRs Can Benefit


eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks software combines front-office, back-office, and patient-treatment features, all in one system, to minimize human error and improve patient care. It also ensures that patients are covered by insurance.

Integrates front-office, back-office, and patient-treatment features

eClinicalWorks is an EHR (electronic health record) software solution that combines front-office, back-office, and patient-treatment features to enhance the efficiency of medical practices. It is designed for large and small medical practices. It also provides consulting services to help practices optimize their use of the software.

The software combines patient treatment features with front office features, including CPOE and order sets. It also offers secure internal messaging, real-time eligibility checking, and business intelligence reporting.

It also has a suite of interoperability solutions. The Care Coordination Connector suite, for example, integrates with over 500 testing laboratories, over 98,000 pharmacies, and more than 500 imaging centers. The solution also provides a secure patient portal, which allows patients to request prescription refills, book appointments, and complete practice forms. This saves front office staff time.

Reduces human error

eClinicalWorks is one of the largest ambulatory clinical software providers on the planet. They boast a plethora of innovative products and services designed to improve care and cut costs. One of the more interesting is their patented “virtual assistant” which automates mundane tasks such as booking appointments and retrieving lab results. The eClinicalWorks EHR boasts a large number of features designed to optimize practice workflow. Among them are the following: a health information search engine; a health information dashboard; a clinical data management platform; a HL7 messaging protocol; and a cloud-based server. This is an all-in-one medical solution for the ambulatory practitioner. The aforementioned cloud-based server allows the practitioner to access medical data from different practices without a hitch. Moreover, the eClinicalWorks mHealth program makes it easy to send patient health information to the patients mobile device.

Ensures patients’ insurance eligibility

eClinicalWorks EMR is an electronic health records solution designed to cater to medical practices of all sizes. It offers a population health management tool, care coordination, financial analytics, and televists. It also includes a patient portal that provides secure internal communication channels between patients and physicians. It also integrates with other proprietary health IT applications.

Insurance eligibility verification is the first step in the medical billing process. This process ensures that a patient’s coverage is active and accurate. Insurance eligibility verification also helps practices avoid billing errors and minimizes denials.

A solid insurance verification process can increase insurance collection rates. Electronic eligibility systems help verify benefits in real time. They are more efficient than manual processes, freeing staff to perform higher value activities. They also provide greater data accuracy.

Has a ‘fair’ User Satisfaction Rating

eClinicalworks EHR has an overall satisfaction rating of “fair” and an overall dissatisfaction rating of “very fair”. This means that eClinicalworks users are satisficed with the ease of use, the overall look and feel of the system, and the overall quality of the documentation. However, some users have reported that the documentation is not adapted to their practice’s needs.

One study found that over one third of physicians surveyed became more skeptical of all EHR vendors after the eClinicalWorks settlement. Another study showed that eClinicalworks users are fairly satisfied with their current EHR vendor. However, many users felt that the sales team oversold them on the product.

The study looked at hundreds of physician respondents. Seventy-one percent used at least one EHR program. However, only seven percent used athenahealth, 18 percent used Cerner, and 18 percent used Allscripts. Allscripts had the lowest overall satisfaction rating, and the highest dissatisfaction rating.

eClinicalWorks at HIMSS22

eClinicalWorks will be showing off its latest and greatest in Booth 1243 at HIMSS22, which is held at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center in mid-March. It’s hard to beat the company’s impressive lineup of cloud-based solutions, from its own telehealth platform to its plethora of health information databases. eClinicalWorks is also a member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, which includes MatrixCare, Cerner, MEDITECH and athenahealth.

At a high level, eClinicalWorks is focused on enhancing the company’s already impressive portfolio of solutions by delivering the latest and greatest innovations in cloud-based health information databases and health information exchange. eClinicalWorks is working with some of its customers to implement robotic process automation, which will result in lower costs and improved patient satisfaction. It’s also experimenting with the deployment of remote medicine solutions, which will likely be a boon for patients and providers alike.

Praxis EMR

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a business owner, or someone who is in between, Praxis EMR software can benefit you in many ways. It is not an EHR, but it does enable easier, faster, and higher quality practice. With Praxis, you can be sure that you are learning the most up-to-date information while also getting the most out of your time and resources.

Knowledge Exchanger

Designed for small to mid-size practices, Praxis EMR offers an array of functionality to streamline practice workflow and improve efficiency. The system also allows medical practitioners to deliver the best treatment plans.

Praxis EMR is built on an artificial intelligence engine that learns from its users and enhances the user experience. It also provides users with an intelligent auxiliary library of content. It also integrates with Surescripts, which enables physicians to manage prescriptions and other vital information.

It also offers a patient portal that allows users to communicate with patients online. The system also supports population health management and collaboration with other health care providers.

Praxis EMR includes a knowledge exchanger, which is a feature that lets users share and learn from other users’ medical knowledge. It also provides access to clinical practice guidelines, a clinical tool that is often considered a medical necessity.


Founded in 1989, Praxis EMR is an electronic medical records system that offers a unique artificial intelligence engine. It is designed to enhance the practice of medicine by making it faster and easier. It also allows doctors to create custom medical documents.

Praxis EMR includes an artificial intelligence engine that learns from each user’s work style and data. This allows it to adapt to the individual physician’s needs. It also allows users to choose bits of data from knowledge bases and use imported thought units.

Praxis EMR agents work as AI messengers that help improve the quality of patient care. They allow medical professionals to quickly chart appointments and provide timely reminders to staff. These agents also help improve patient-doctor confidentiality.

Praxis EMR Agents also assist in clinical decision making. They can provide evidence-based medical advice to physicians. They can also help automate workflow.

Clinical Practice Guideline

Using Praxis EMR, physicians and staff can make the most of clinical practice guidelines. The software can

customize and analyzed to improve patient care. Moreover, Praxis offers a suite of tools that monitors use and reporting.

The Praxis EMR is a cloud-based EHR solution that helps physicians deliver the best treatment plans and medications. It also allows medical practitioners to communicate naturally.

Its Knowledge Exchanger feature allows users to share and learn from other users’ practices. It also provides decision support.

The Praxis EMR is designed with Concept Processing AI. This artificial intelligence technology anticipates physician actions and anticipates next steps. The system learns from the provider’s prior cases and changes the provider’s behavior.

The Praxis EMR software also supports evidence based medicine initiatives. It supports MACRA and PQRS reporting. The software also simplifies reporting.

Knowledge Enhancer

Whether you are a hospitalist or an independent physician, Praxis EMR provides a unique and robust set of features. As your practice evolves, the Praxis EMR system grows to accommodate your unique needs. Its robust feature set helps you build your own custom document and documents and generate custom reports.

One of the most innovative features of Praxis EMR is its Concept Processor, which enables the software to anticipate your actions. This artificial intelligence engine turns text into “units of thought” and learns from past cases. These units can then reused in other patient encounters.

Another unique feature of Praxis EMR is its trigger-based workflow automations. This allows you to use Praxis to save time by automating common tasks. For example, if you want to document a patient’s history, you can set up a trigger to automatically generate a line item in your practice advisory template.

HITECH certification

Among the first EMRs to apply for HITECH certification, Praxis EMR has garnered high praise from physicians and the general public alike. This award-winning software is one of only 22 EMRs accredited in the United States.

The EMR’s most impressive feature is its ability to link clinical data to the original order, a feat that most EMR systems can’t accomplish. In addition, Praxis offers a prospective query that automatically generates an explanation for deviations from practice guidelines.

Although Praxis has been around for more than 20 years, its latest iteration is among the most sophisticated EMRs in the industry. As a result, its sales have skyrocketed. Its latest release, known as Praxis HITECH Stimulus Release, features 20 times the power of its predecessor. Its new functionality includes a vaccine module, as well as an expanded set of requirements for Family Practice and Pediatrics.


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