PM UDAY scheme

The Pradhan Mantri Unauthorised Colonies in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana (PM UDAY scheme), which was introduced by the Government of India (GoI), intends to regularise the unapproved regions in the nation’s capital and provide people ownership rights. In order to assist more than 40 lakh upset individuals, the plan was implemented in 2019 by an Act of Parliament.

The Pradhan Mantri Unauthorised Colonies in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana (PM UDAY Yojana) was introduced by the Central Government in October 2019 in an effort to legalise more than 1,700 unauthorised colonies in Delhi. According to reports, approximately 40 lakh people reside in the illegal colonies in Delhi. Whether they are built-up regions or land plots, the properties in these clusters are owned by a will, a general power of attorney (GPA), a sale agreement, or by the payment and possession of paperwork. The inability of the property owners to sell or mortgage their possessions in the absence of registration documents continues to be their principal worry.

The Center established a group to suggest the procedure for recognising ownership or mortgage rights to 1,731 unlawful colonies in order to address this issue. The National Capital Territory of Delhi (Recognition of Property Rights of Residents in Unauthorized Colonies) Act, 2019, was approved by the Parliament to allow the registration of properties in unauthorised colonies. Over 7,300 households from illegal colonies have been given title rights under the programme as of July 2021.

Reasons why PM-UDAY Scheme is necessary

With the assistance of the Delhi Development Authority, the GoI is putting up a comprehensive plan for developing the illegal colonies (DDA). By the end of 2022, a public online map of the DDA’s property will be accessible, completing the plan. The maps, which are part of the authority’s plan, will guard DDA’s properties against encroachment and will be based on satellite pictures collected in 2015. Additionally, DDA has included provisions in the Master Plan of Delhi 2041 for the creation of similar colonies around the city.

Registration for PM-UDAY

For the register of unlicensed colonies and apartments in Delhi, an online registration site has already been set up. Following the steps outlined below, one must register with PM-UDAY and get registration documents by paying a small fee:

Step 1: Create an internet account.
To sign up for PM-Uday, visit the site and choose “Registration.” Include the name, communication address, and cellphone number in the required fields. Select the colony by clicking on it. An acknowledgment receipt will be shown after registration. Record the information of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) organisations appointed under the PM-UDAY Scheme, including their special registration number.

Connecting with the GIS agency in step two
One of the three GIS organisations appointed to accomplish so should update the property’s geocoordinates. After visiting the property, the selected and designated agency would precisely fix the geo-coordinates before uploading them to the DDA PM-UDAY site. You will get a special “GIS ID” on your registered email address and cellphone number after the procedure is finished.

3. Property information
Describe the property in detail and the location of the property on the land. Enter the data accurately in accordance with the documentation.

Fourth step: documentation
The papers must be delivered in scannable form. The list of paperwork needed to register under PM is shown below. The UDAY Yojana

Document of Possession Payment
Agreement to Purchase
most recent ownership document
Electricity bill Document modifying property taxes
Previous document chain, in chronological sequence
evidence in writing that the structure was built before 2015. When dealing with built-up buildings
if required, any further ownership documentation
Providing the application is step five.
You must submit the application and the signature file when you have completed all the required fields and uploaded the appropriate files. Last but not least, you must print the application with the special case ID so that you may use it for any future communications.

Fee for PM-UDAY processing

Residents of illegal colonies are granted property rights in exchange for a small fee known as the PM UDAY Yojana fee. The cost is determined as follows:

Regarding built-up properties

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