The Ultimate Pregnancy Checklist

Pregnancy Checklist

I love to ask newly pregnant couples, “Tell us all about the day that you found out that you were going to have a child.” Nine out of ten begin to tell their stories with twinkly eyes until deep frown lines emerge when the question, “Now what?” is asked.

There are checklists, as you already know. The latter is what this one is. This is the first part of a pregnancy checklist. It’s broken down into Before Baby (BB) and After Baby (AB). This allows first-time moms to relax and partners to support them without having to read through countless books and unrequested advice.

Pregnancy checklist – Before Baby (BB).

Locate your gynecologist

If you already have one, great! Talk to your friends, family, or trusted doctors to find out if they have one. You should check with the hospitals before you close in. This is a milestone moment that you want to feel at ease, regardless of whether it’s a private or public nursing home.

The first time you visit:

Do you remember that scene in every baby movie where the tiny blob on the sonography screen makes parents cry? True. They leave out the important part where the pregnant lady overwhelms her new friend with questions and details about her medical history.

Get your health insurance. Talk to your insurance agent and learn what you are covered for. Ask precise questions. After you have all the details, you can decide on your hospital care.

Baby literature

Although there are many books about this topic, the bible is still ‘What to Expect When You’re Pregnant by Sharon Mazel and Heidi Murkoff.

Digital communities

Dhani, a mother of two, reminisces about the importance of creating a support network online. “It’s a great way for moms-to-be to connect and share what you are going through. These groups helped me get through my first trimester.

Maternity wear

Although your body will not change significantly in the first four months, you will eventually need new clothes. You should have at least two or three options for going-out dresses.

Pregnancy pillows:

If your partner is anything like mine, you might feel a little insecure about your attachment to a pregnancy pillow. Aerial photos of your sleeping positions can be used to create a brochure called ‘How Not to Sleep When You’re Expecting.’

The Breast Pump:

There is much debate about ‘Breast Milk or Bottle Feed’. However, whatever your decision, an electric breast pump like the Medela is a good option. Rey was colicky so I continued breastfeeding her as long as possible, as my doctor advised.

Baby clothes

I was a child at a candy shop when my first trip to a baby shop turned me into a happy, cooing little boy. Before making your home a baby clothing store, consider the weather and any incoming gifts. You’ll need to start from the inside, starting with diapers. If you use cloth nappies, you will need a truckload.

The Diaper Bag:

Although they aren’t the most glamorous arm candy, these bags can be easily found online and come in various fun designs that will hold the millions-and-more items your child requires.


I prefer homemade cotton wipes that are cost-effective and gentle on the skin. Just soak the cotton balls in hot water and let them cool.

13) Baby pillows: I used a traditional homemade mustard pillow (Raika takia). You can also shop online for other pillow options.

Car seat/car cot:

You can personalize or purchase cribs and bassinets. Or borrow it to pass it on. Fitted sheets, a mattress, and a washable crib mattress cover are all things you should consider.

Rey was colicky and would wake up every 30 minutes crying. My plans to place him in a crib on Day 1 didn’t work. Instead, I tried co-sleeping. A stroller with rubber wheels is a great way to get around during holidays and encourages you out of the house. Chicco and Graco offer many great options.

Essentials for bath:

I bought a basic tub or bath chair, so my child could stand alone. It is important to use a chemical-free shampoo and soap. You can try mini versions to see if your child likes them. It worked great on my baby’s skin, so I tried it out.

Pregnancy checklist: Hospital bags

(Pro tip: Have your bag prepared by week 36.
Gowns Although the hospital can provide you with a gown, I felt more comfortable wearing mine.

Maternity pads You will use them. For maximum comfort, get them in large sizes. Breasts can leak, so be sure to get disposable or reusable breast pads.

Go-to-home outfit: Make sure to pack underwear. You will be taking photos, so make sure you have something comfy. Bright colors always help

The formula “There’s no denying that breastfeeding is a stressful time for mothers.” Dr. Sonal Saste says that formula is a good idea for mothers in case they cannot breastfeed as much as others.

Checklist for Pregnancy: After Baby (AB).

1) Locate your pediatrician. A good pediatrician will be your friend at 4:00 a.m. When you are ready to decide, ask mommy friends for feedback and suggestions.

2) Baby bottles/nipples: You must purchase the baby bottles on your BB pregnancy list. Lucky you if your child accepts the first bottle/nipple that you offer. If not, look into other brands and remember to purchase age-appropriate nappies.

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