Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement for Your Husband


While it’s true that husbands are among the most perplexing of all creatures, it’s also true that wives can be just as baffling. Celebrations of Valentine’s Day are held so that couples can express their appreciation for one another and revel in the joy that comes from sharing in another’s love. In spite of the holiday’s romantic connotations, buying a present for someone can be a hassle. On this day, all wives expect a little more than just flowers from their husbands. While there are many husbands who have elaborate plans and ideas for their wives, there are also those of us who don’t want to spend too much time agonising over what to give her.

A good gift would be to help her out around the house or to run a few errands so that she can focus on enjoying the day with her loved ones. But really, any gesture of affection throughout the year would be appreciated. It would be great if you could have flowers delivered to her in Mumbai, or wherever she or you currently reside. On Valentine’s Day, however, nearly every single husband buys his wife a bouquet of valentine special flowers. That being said, it is entirely up to you to decide which ones you give her.

Choosing the correct flowers

You know that she is not allergic to any of the plants, and you also know that her favourite colours are the ones you already have in your home because she is your wife. It’s likely that your wife has developed a strong aversion to orchids but a deep appreciation for lilies. Don’t take chances; instead, order flowers bouquet online and have them delivered promptly. She’ll appreciate the tried-and-true combination of roses, lilies, tulips, and sunflowers. You should stick to the basics, like roses, lilies, carnations, and tulips, for Valentine’s Day if you’re a newlywed and your marriage was planned and you didn’t get much time to spend together.

Color scheme

Flower delivery on Valentine’s Day is nice, but if you want to really impress your wife (or any other woman or man), you need to think about the colours you’re giving them. You should avoid a colour or shade that may bring up negative associations for them. So, below is a list of colours and their respective meanings.

Red =  Love

White = Peace and serenity

Yellow = Bright and Cheerful

Pink = Elegance and Grace

Blue = Mystery

Peach = Gratitude

Orange= Passion

Green= Rejuvenated Spirit

Red and White = Unity In Diversity

Every colour, however, also has an opposing feeling associated with it, and this fact must not be forgotten. And the colours we see now are just updated versions of the ones we used to use for our spirits. In Rasas, the colour green represents love and the colour red represents anger. However, you need not become an expert in colour theory; a basic understanding would suffice.

If you want to impress your wife, don’t give her blue roses on Valentine’s Day because the colour blue is connected with mystery, which could lead to a whole new level of intimacy between you. It’s especially true if you ordered your Valentine’s Day flowers online. The most common flower given on Valentine’s Day is the rose. If you really want to wow your wife, though, you can consider surprising her with a bouquet of mixed roses, orchids, lilies, and tulips in a carefully coordinated palette.

How to present the flowers

Let’s say that if you don’t have any other option than to send flowers to India from abroad. It is important to make sure the flowers you order are delivered promptly and are in good condition, especially if you are sending them online. What will truly make them special, however, is if you attach a note to them, detailing your feelings for your wife that you haven’t been able to articulate in all these years. This being the day dedicated to romantic love, it is appropriate to splurge a little and have the flowers sent in a vase rather than a simple paper envelope.

Either a red rose bouquet or a “missing you so much” basket of red roses, teddy bears, chocolates, greeting cards, and seasonal greenery would be appropriate gifts for promise day and even the whole valentine week. Alternatively, “love without a name” violet-blue orchids. This sort of assortment can be found in abundance on the web. You should definitely get these flowers delivered before midnight if you want today to be a perfect one.


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