AthenaOne Vs Practice EHR – Deciding the most suitable EHR


If you’re in the market for an EHR for your practice, there are many choices. However, it’s important to know what to look for and how much the features of each option cost. Hopefully this article will help you make an informed decision. After all, a quality EHR should be affordable and work to streamline your practice’s daily operations.


Need to know AthenaOne reviews, it  is a powerful and easy-to-use software that lets you practice remotely. It includes a fully integrated EHR, a mobile application for easy management of your inbox and patient records, and more. You can sign orders, review appointments, respond to patient cases, and even videoconference with up to four other caregivers. In addition, it syncs with athenaClinicals, enabling you to share patient information and coordinate with other care providers.

AthenaOne also offers a patient portal that includes a messaging tool that is HIPAA compliant. Your patients can use this to communicate with your staff, pay overdue bills, or receive appointment reminders. Other features include tools for automating outreach campaigns and identifying urgent immunizations. For independent medical practices, AthenaOne is a good choice. It comes with unlimited coaching and training sessions.

Features and Pricing

The differences between AthenaOne and Practice EHRs are not limited to the price. Other features of the two systems include patient portals and HIPAA-compliance messaging tools. This functionality makes it easier for patients to contact the office and request appointments, pay overdue bills, and view test results. It can also automate patient outreach campaigns and detect urgent vaccination needs. Ultimately, positive patient engagement will lead to improved patient satisfaction and retention.

A key feature that differentiates athenaOne from Practice EHRs is its revenue cycle management solution, athenaCollector, which provides a practice management component and financial reporting. It also includes fast medical coding support from HIPAA-compliant coding specialists. It also integrates with athenaOne’s athenaOne app, which provides patient engagement tools such as group call campaigns and lab result delivery.

Practice EHR

AthenaOne is an EHR system that can help medical practices manage their finances. It comes with a revenue cycle management solution called athenaCollector, as well as practice management tools and HIPAA-compliant coding specialists. This system is also integrated with tools that improve patient engagement. The company also offers excellent customer support. Practice EHR pricing comes with unlimited training and coaching sessions, and it offers an extensive suite of add-on services that can help medical practices grow.

AthenaOne offers an interface that enables doctors and staff to view patient records and schedule appointments. It also includes a patient portal that allows patients to complete intake forms prior to appointments. In addition, it offers interoperability tools that can help a practice meet meaningful use standards, which are set by Medicare and Medicaid.

Features and Pricing

AthenaOne offers a robust feature set and has a competitive pricing structure. It also offers a revenue cycle management system and HIPAA-compliant coding specialists. In addition, it includes a patient engagement tool, called athenaCommunicator, which makes patient engagement easier. It offers features such as online scheduling and payment. Additionally, it offers excellent customer support and promises no hidden fees.

The cost of athenahealth is $140 per provider/month plus 4% to 7%. While this may be higher than other Medical software, it is still lower than average. Although AthenaOne does not make its pricing information publicly available, it starts at about the same price as athenahealth.

Last Thoughts

AthenaOne is a network-enabled SaaS-based EHR that integrates data from 110 specialties and provides a suite of integrated technology. It helps improve clinical workflow, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. This flexible EHR is highly adaptable, enables clinical staff to focus on patient care, and eliminates most back-office administrative tasks. It also integrates telehealth and offers data-driven reporting and user community.

The company’s team is committed to the success of its customers. This makes athenaOne a good choice for small and medium-sized practices. The software allows providers to access patient health records through their mobile devices, which improves coordination of care. It also automatically uploads lab results to patient charts. Moreover, athenahealth continuously monitors the changing healthcare industry to stay up-to-date on current trends.

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